Somaliland: Four MPs Loose Seats for Going AWOL


Lady Ikran Haji DaudBy M.A.Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Four members of parliament who include one of the only two lady legislatures have been defrocked off their honours and membership of the August House.

The now former honourables have been purged from being part and parcel of the legislature team due to parliamentary by-laws which automatically dismisses members who skip, absent from or are absent without permission or official leave (AWOL) for or in at least 20 seating sessions.

Messrs Ahmed Mohammed Ali, Mahdi Haji Hassan Sugal, Mohammed Ali Jibril and Lady Ikran Haji Daud formally lost their parliamentary rights following the decision made at the August House yesterday in a session chaired by Deputy Speaker Hon. Bashe Mohammed.

Despite the fact that political pundits and observers argue that there have been numerous cases of other MPs who have been away for even longer periods yet have not been rendered jobless or dismissed in similar circumstances, none of them clarify whether they were absent with permission or just took sabbatical leaves without clearance.

However in this case which happens to be the first time the regulation is used and claiming such a number, Hon. Bashe was categorical that they were away without official leave (AWOL).

Members of the public have not hitherto questioned absence of public officials for long periods.

The members hail from and represented Awdal (2), Sahil(1) and Sanaag(1)

By the time of going to press, we couldn’t hold any of the affected MPs to know whether they will appeal against the decision or not for they seem to be abroad.