Somaliland: Ottawa Hails Selection of Ali Sandule as Haqsoor VP candidate


Ali SanduleBy: Ottawaxagsor

The historic decision by Xaqsoor leader Xasan Ciise Jaamac to pick a running mate hailing for Sool has been widely praised by proeminent Somalilanders of all political opinion during a Xaqsoor.

Veteran journalist and political commentator Cabdiqani Axmed Xaaji Faarax in a spirited address defended Xasan Ciise choice as a gutsy political choice for Xaqsoor but who can bear fruit in term of promoting Somaliland national unity. Xaqsoor is putting his electoral fortunes on the line for the sake of the national inclusiveness, said Abdiqani, stressing for the audience that Xassan Ciise Jaamac has always been known to put interest before his political aspirations.

Former SNM field commander Xasan Cali Abokor explained why Cali Sandule had the character and the leadership skills to fulfill the Vice presidential slot. Former senior finance bureaucrat Cali Barkhad (Cali Diig) and one of the most respected Awdal elder in Ottawa alo welcomed the news of Cali Sandule appointment as VP candidate, hailing the move as a meaningful one for a party called Xaqsoor and for Somaliland unity as well.