Somaliland Administrations Have All Treated Residents of Awdal Region Unfairly- VP Sayli


Somalilandsun: Somalilandsun: The vice president of Somaliland, Abdirahman Sayli has castigated current and past administrations of Somaliland for failure to treat the residents of the country’s western region of Awdal fairly.
Stating that the recent incident in which law enforcement officers reacted brutally during protests in Borama the Awdal regional capital was the epitome of the low esteemed the locals are held.
“Residents of Awdal Region are somaliland citizens and their protests not only constitutional but occasioned by three decades of unequal treatment should not be reason to treat them with an iron hand” said the VP who is the highest ranked government official in the and the immediate past administrations
Reiterating that Awdalites are not only citizens if this country but noble people as well the VP said that the lack of honest leadership is their main uundoing.
Stressing that the continued second class treatment of the Awdalites must come to an end once and for all , VP Sayli who acknowledged the concerns raised during the Borama protests as genuine , warned that the iron hand treatment must come to an immediate end.
The VP Sentiments were expressed in the video below