Somaliland: Kalshale Residents Reconcile and Pledge Peaceful co-existence


By: Yusuf M Hasan

KALSHALE (Somalilandsun) – Residents reconcile despite attempts by armed thugs attempts to disrupt meeting.

Residents of Kalshale have agreed to co-exist peacefully and pursue local development during a reconciliation meeting.

The meeting between elders from Qorulugud and Kalshale districts of Buhodle district that came under attack from some armed thugs agreed on a four-point peace accord after the national army repelled the attacks.

Elders representing the two clans residing in the town and constant antagonists were unanimous in their acceptance to reconcile peacefully thus fulfill the Buhodle peace accord implementation.

The Buhodle peace accord signed by president Silanyo and SSC militia commander Suleiman Hagaltosie are geared towards ending the lengthily conflict between the central government and Dulhante militias who are aligned to the Khatuumo secessionists.

According to a statement released by the Kalshale elders meeting spokesperson Mr. Hasan Abdilahi Ahmed, the area residents will live in harmony and settle any differences through a roundtable meeting rather than through the barrel of a gun.

The reconciliation efforts fronted by minister of the presidency Hirsi Haji Ali and Buhodle militia commander turned peacemaker Mr. Suleiman Hagaltosie agreed on a four points Kalshale peace agreement as:

1. Existing differences between the two clans of Kalshale to be resolved and a two months détente in effect to facilitate reconciliation efforts

2. Complete conflict resolution to take two months from 29 Sept 2012.

3. Qorulugud town to headquarter peace talks

4. Any person contravening the détente to be jointly punished by the two clans

Due to security fears following the attempted attack by some armed gunmen from Khatuumo the over, 70 elders left for Qorulugud and Buhodle towns immediately after their meeting.

On the other hand, a statement from the national army headquarters in Hargeisa has confirmed repelling armed gunmen who tried to disrupt the reconciliation meeting at Kalshale.

The army statement informed that skirmishes occurred in Kalshale between units of the army and some gunmen who managed to escape capture, leaving behind an armed technical wagon in which they intended to disrupt the Kalshale peace meeting.

At the same time reports indicate that commander Hagaltosie and security officials from Buhodle visited the area immediately after they chased the fleeing Khatuumoist gunmen from Gamaha village.

The intervention of Hagaltosie followed appeals by Gamaha residents for support in defending their families and livestock from the fleeing Khatuumoist who were irate with the Gamaha residents for their support to the Buhodle peace accord.