Somaliland: Of Misdeameanour, and of Bugs


This editorial is from The Horn Tribune Newspaper

Somalilandsun-Time and again we have talked, told, wrote or expressed passionately about the need to be diligent in and on duty, be true to the country, and above all, live up to and maintain the expected standards, upright and righteous image reflecting the real SL we want.

From the highest executive echelons of officialdom to the lowest subordinate level, etiquette requires that we adhere to the expected code of conduct.

What is gong on is not something that may appeal to the eyes. The trend of confrontational behaviour or unbecoming conduct at work should stop forth-with for it is indeed hurting the country.

We do not want to see protocols breached such that any demeaning or denting image of our institutions should never arise.

To hear of a whole cabinet Minister being treated unhonourably at a road block or at or in an institution, especially while in the company of his colleague whose portfolio squarely oversees the road block or the intuitions, has to it, more than meets the eye.

It was as disgusting as it was sad that the unfortunate and shameful incident at the airport had to even occur at all.

Hon. Hirsi did not deserve to be subjected at such, at all, given his esteem office and especially in the company of his colleague Hon. Adami.

This was against all rules of protocol given our country is struggling with its aspirations and also given all our past experiences and customary traditions.

We believe that the matter should be delved into for all it appeared to be is sinister.

As we absorb Hon. Adani’s assurance, we call upon responsibility and uprightness to be depicted at all public working places.

The government should take stern measures hence make sure that whoever or whatever dents the country’s image or good faith of the government shouldn’t go scot free.

On the other hand, who is to be held responsible for leaving the blood-sucking bugs to run amok without being put in check?

Who is to be held accountable for letting the children suffer in vain?

Who is to be reproached on not informing the members of the public on the realities of the harm that bedbugs can inflict?

We think a major health check be made to everybody in juxtaposition to conducting a similarly major campaign to eradicate the bugs.

It is shameful and quite horrible to let an epidemic occur whereas we have all the necessary means to control it.

Come to think of it there are fears that imported furniture has been a major means of conveying belt that has compounded on the factor.

Who have ever checked them?

If we can openly talk of FGM, HIV/AIDs or other STDs, what makes us mum about bed-bugs?

People should be made aware of what HBV is and quite fast and swiftly at that, for they will never take chances again in the future.

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