Somaliland: Health ‘Time Bomb’ Looming as Bug Haunts City

  • No Health Official Statement Yet
  • Bug Dangers Unknown to Members of the Public
  • People are bugged with social stigma

By M.A.Egge

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – People are sitting on a health hazard time bomb that is ready to explode at any time in a big way yet nobody responsible seem to be caring.

Whether it is due to social stigma with phobia or fear of being ashamed or whether it is due to carefree attitudes of all concerned, the THT need not discern.

What we can rightly say however that there is an abnormally high rate attitude of irresponsibility bordering fool-hardiness on the part of all stake holders.

A small tiny vector that breeds in the dozens hence runs amok in the thousands across the city without being checked has not been seen as the deadly thing it is.

It is no secret that for the first time in the memory of most, even the sacred Holy Mosques have not been left unscathed.

Known to be the number one transmitter of a highly infections and internationally notifiable disease that the cimex species popularly known as the bedbugs, which are hematophagous (blood feeders) is the main culprit in the quarantine-demanding Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) disease hence can further transmit 44 other potentially harmful pathogens.

These blood-sucking insects have made barracks in hundreds of brigades at shops, mosques, hotels, offices, homes, kitchens, beds etc.

Mr. Keyse Hassan told this writer, “I have tried my best to get rid of this parasites, but for the insecticides I use, I am forced to stop selling foodstuffs for a while”.

Keyse is a shopkeeper who runs a stall in Ahmed Dagah.

A senior international NGO official Mr. Abdillahi S. M. Hassan quipped, “Oh, you never knew?”, and continued “several mosques across town have replaced their mats!”

A Mr. Said swore, “I saw them in abundance bunking and burrowing on and in apertures of imported readymade imported furniture”.

What goes without question is the untold suffering of hundreds, if not thousands, of children suffer silently as they suppress there painful anguish amidst painful gasps and whilst being repeatedly bitten night in night out.

It was surprising that NON of all the people we interviewed or asked to comment on the epidemic had the slightest knowledge of the bug causing acute and chronic liver diseases or even dysfunctions.

The ironical fact is that simple commercial insecticides concocted with pyrethrum chemical compounds could easily rogue the bugs out to vanquish.

Incase of stubborn cases, acaricides diluted with a competent person is an absolute answer.

All in all, we at the somalilandsun have been left with no option other than wondering loudly why the Ministry of Health, Hargiesa Municipal Council, Imams and other clergy, the local media or all other responsible people from all walks of social or political lives have chosen to help the bugs sneak through apertures and causing untold havoc by facing away from the real issue!