Somaliland: Youths commend Dahabshil for Continued Provision of Employment


Dahabshils Prof Hasan Hiis (C) with some of the graduatesBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Youths attribute their increasing Illegal Immigration to unemployment.

Local university graduates say they will not pursue illegal immigration if employment opportunities are availed.

The graduates who met with a number of employers during a Dahabshil company sponsored seminar at a city hotel where discussions centred on illegal immigration and unemployment urged the private sector and Non-governmental Organizations-NGOs to prioritize employment of nationals.

The graduates who recently completed their Business Administration studies at Admas University commended the Dahabshil group of Companies for continued provision of employment opportunities to local graduates.

Speaking on behalf of the students Master Saeed Osman Ahmed urged public, private and civil society institutions to emulate the local graduates employment record of Dahabshil Company thus decrease the number of youths who turn to illegal immigration in order to acquire livelihoods.

Said he, “We called here in order to jointly explore avenues for the employment of local graduates in your institutions thus deter the dangerous pursuit of illegal immigration”

The youths also urged president Silanyo to continue advocating for the creation of employment opportunities, which is a priority of the current national five-year development plan and vision 2030.

The Dahabshil sponsored anti-Tahrib and job creation discussion meeting that was the first of its kind in the country brought together local graduates and employers from the private sector and civil society organizations i.e. Shaqodoon, SONYO, PENHA, ODHA, Dahabshil, CABA as well as a large number of prominent business tycoons.

While addressing the youths the head of Dahabshil Public relations and media Prof Hasan Mohamed Jama (Hasan Hiis) said that local graduates should prioritize on national development, which cannot be attained when those with skills continue to pursue greener pastures elsewhere.

Prof Hiis who promised that Dahabshil is determined in sustaining its local graduates employment policy told the youths that they should enhance and sharpen their job hunting skills opportunities abound in the country but only availed to the persistent and determined.

While informing that employment opportunities were no longer availed through Nepotism and “reer hebel” (Related to so & so) but on knowledge and skills Prof Hiis urged the graduates to put faith in their qualifications and intensify job hunting and not depend on anyone.

Said he, “Nowadays job searching is through the use of educational certificates and not by nepotism”

The public relations and media guru said that Dahabshil has absorbed a large number of local graduates in its employee ranks whose selection has solely depended on knowledge and skills a policy that the international money transfer company is determined to sustain.

The on illegal immigration and unemployment discussion meeting that saw various speakers concurred on the need to enhance employment opportunities for local graduates conclude with an open plenary question and answers session.

The graduates awarded Prof Hasan ‘Hiis’ Mohamed Jama a certificate in recognition of his relentless support to local youth’s employment.