Somalia: Anti-President MPs Want A Prominent Official As The Next National Security Minister


By Ahmed Abdi

Embattled Hasan

Somalilandsun – Somali Parliaments that waged the campaign against the President of Federal Government of Somalia,Hassan Sheikh, proposed to be nominated a famous Security Officer.

The Mp’s that prepared the motion against Hassan Sheikh all agreed on requesting the first time today from the President and the Prime Minister to appoint the Somalia’s National Security Minister to Ahmed Moalim Fiqi, a former Somali National security agency’s staff,as Mp Abdi Samad Moalim informed to wagacusub Media.

Though, Mr. Fiqi hesitated to accept the offer of being nominated this service for fear of being jeopardized behind the scene by the President’s “New blood group” or Damul’Jadid, reliable sources indicate that he accepted the service due to pressures from different parts of the society including elders, Muslim scholars,and army officials.

“We are striving for a big change to occur that’s why we are driving change within the security services and therefore Ahmed Moalim Fiqi and General Dhegabadan must return to the job of national service in order to handle, security services at this critical time for the benefit of the national security and the wider region,” said Mp Abdikadir Osoble.

Many people are using social media, including Facebook chatrooms to show their support of Ahmed Moalim Fiqi to be assigned the office of National Security Minister since he restored peace many parts of Somalia regions during his fight against Shabab.

Mr. Fiqi who enrolled in a Ph.D program in information security at a college in Turkey managed the security of Mogadishu during the entire night the Somali Parliamentary selection process and even during the indirect presidential election, which the current president, Hassan Sheikh, came to power for the result of the security that had been tightened by Mr. Fiqi.

According to reliable sources,Mr. Fiqi resigned from his service after the President Gurgurte and his new blood group hindered his work