Somaliland: “Police to Use the Iron fist to Deter Insecurity Posed by Mischievous characters” Brigadier Fadal


L-R Somaliland police commander Brigadier Fadal Iman and his deputy Brig Abdirahman Libaan at the press briefing

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Police investigations reveal that the explosion that occurred in Hargeisa at around midnight on Wednesday was caused by a device called “Shaanxi”.

This was informed to the fourth estate during a briefing by the national police Commander Brigadier Fadal Iman, flanked by his deputy Brig Liban at police headquarters in Hargeisa where he also warned of quick and decisive action against anybody found committing or with intent to commit acts detrimental to national security.

Brig Fadal who informed that the fireworks like exploding device dubbed “Shaani” was the cause of explosion at Hargeisa’s Indian line estate, said that police are holding a number of people suspected of perpetrating the act of hooliganism in which no citizen was injured or property destroyed.

“To those few mischievous people among us, be warned that the police shall use an iron fist towards any incidents detrimental to national security and safety of citizens” said Fadal

While commending somalilanders for their continued information sharing the law enforcer urged more partnership which will result in better services by the force whose multi-faceted skill base is improving on a daily basis.