Somaliland:Vice President Visits El-Afweine for Peace Mission


Somalilandsun:The vice of president Somaliland H.E Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismael (Sayli’i)
and his entourage left Hargeisa for El-Afwein town to attend a peace
conference to bring together two warring brotherly clans from the region.

The minister of international security Mr.Mohammed Ahmed Kahin and a
multitude of somali traditional elders welcomed the deputy president to

The VP met with tribal leaders from all regions of Somaliland who have
converged in El-Afwein to participate in resolving the recurring saga which
has become a thorn in the flesh issue in Somaliland’s security circles.

According to Somaliland News Agency ( reporter accompanying
the vice president confirmed that the delegation missions is to find a
lasting peace in the town.

VP Sayli’I met with prominent clerics of Somaliland who are also attending
the peace conference. Amongst them are Sheikh Mohammed Omar Dirir,Sheikh
Ismael Dheeg and Shekh Barbarawi to name a few of Allah’s men in the peace

Deputy President and his delegation met with the intellectuals and elders
of Gara’adag town of Sanaag region.