Somaliland:Somaliland Journalists Warned against Reporting Fake News from El-Afwein Conflict


Somalilandsun:In a press release by the ministry of information, culture and national
guidance warned the media against reporting fake news from the conflict
zone of El-Afwein. The press release added that it is against the Islamic religion and the country’s press law to report fake news. This is according to a terse press statement sent to Somaliland News Agency ( to distribute to media houses.

The statement stated that the republic of Somaliland has prospered because
of peace promotion within her borders and shall not allow any news
organization sowing the seeds of discord amongst Somaliland’s numerous
clans. It also leaves in peace with her neighbors hence the nation cannot
withstand one day of anarchy.

The press release also commended Somaliland’s independent media for playing
a major role in conflict resolution and promoting peaceful coexistence
amongst different Somaliland clans. They were urged to promote the peace
conference of El-Afwein to bring the two warring clans to the negotiation

Concerning the Tukaraq war the government urged the media to outsource news
from top government officials and members of the military top brass. It
called on journalists to be wary of dubious news sources that spread
propaganda and lies.