Somaliland:President Meets British Envoy to Somaliland/Somalia


Somalilandsun: The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has met with a British
delegation led ambassador to Somaliland/Somalia H.E David Concar. A press
release from the presidential spokesperson that Somaliland News Agency
(SOLNA) received a copy read…

In a meeting held at the presidential mansion, the president of the
republic of Somaliland thanked the British delegation for the active part
her majesty government plays in the all spheres of Somaliland development.
He also commended the constant support the British government always stands
with Somaliland shoulder by shoulder.

The head of state informed the British delegation about the economic,
political and development improvement the country has stridden and future
insight to conquer new heights through a new Somaliland National
Development Plan (phase two) (SLNDP2) which is in pipeline.

President Musa up dated the about ambassador the upcoming parliamentary and
local council elections which is slated for March 2019, he acknowledged his
wish for the electoral process to happen without hitch or postponement.

The commander in chief informed the British envoy about the
Somaliland/Somalia talks which have been postponed for reasons concerning
the Somalia Federation constant interferences in Somaliland development
plans and goal. He stated that Somalia had become a thorn in the flesh to
Somaliland development agenda always trying to sabotage it when opportunity

On his part the British ambassador congratulated the president of
Somaliland on behalf of her people for the way they have preserved
democracy and democratic institutions that has made the country stable.

H.E the British envoy promised that his government will continue to support
Somaliland in her developmental path. He went on to reveal that the British
government will add the development aid it gives to Somaliland.

By:Somaliland News Agency


  1. This is very crucial meeting. Though the topic of Somalia mingling in Somaliland affairs is mentioned, the question remains do u need aid from Britain or the UK to revert its decision at the UN for forcing Somaliland to independence only if they join Somalia in 1960. Do not go for the queen crowned note and forget the main agenda

    Britain should maturely and in honest way solve this problem by recognising the state of Somaliland as it was called before independence. Chewing words is not solution. Decision is the way forward and give this people their full recognition or horn of Africa will be another battle field. The tension has already attracted three Arab nations who will eventually join the war in case. Thanks to Jawaari who turned the attention to his friction with Khayre.