Somaliland:Minister of Justice Lays Foundation Stone for a New Juvenile Correctional Center


Somalilandsun: The minister of Justice Mr.Abdiqani Mohammud Ateye has laid a foundation stone for a new juvenile detention center in Berbera town. The center will be constructed at Mija-caseye hamlet. The minister confirmed that his ministry had survey the site of the juvenile center after identifying a suitable place he contacted the minister of water development to supply the center with water.

Also present at the function was the minister of water development Mr.Suleiman Yusuf Ali Koore who also initiated a new well for the juvenile center.

The justice minister said “This could not be possible without the input of H.E the president of the republic Musa Bihi who had requested us to expedite the project. I also thank the water minister because without his intervention this project could not have been a success.”

This information was supplied by Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) reporter based at Berbera.

The minister of water development said “It’s the government responsibility to take care of the welfare of Somaliland children. I take this precious opportunity with my colleague at the justice ministry to lay the foundation of the future of our children which lies in our hands.”

By: Somaliland News Agency


  1. In a war torn country where still the effects of displacement and orphan is seen need a lot to be done. Just food for the thought. Hon Minister instead of building detention centre why not a boarding schools for this children. If they get food, love and education they will change. And support the families to get out of the poverty line. There is a huge task of building the community discipline. Father is chewing daily the mother is giving birth every year. Those are what u need to work on with ministry of social service. It would be nice if u build a family court that supports women and children and guides their rights. Men should be taught of their responsibility. Poor man with five children is allowed to marry a 16 year old girl and add the number of children. The Muslim religion allows four for a man who can take care of all equally. Somaliland government should lead in the change by involving women in the development. The Minister of Agriculture was touring the country and only meeting men and distributing money without the presence of Women when u all know they are taking to the qat parlour. Even in the parliament and the cabinet women are not even ten %. Your ministry should strategize in developing justice, behaviour and working hand in hand with ministries of labour, Agriculture and social service to rebuild the reputation and norms of Somalilanders which is broken into pieces. Juvenal centre is for few what about the rest.