Somaliland:President Holds Meeting with a Large UAE Delegation


Somalilandsun: The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has held a meeting with a
UAE delegation that arrived in the country today. The delegation comprised
twelve individuals discussed many issues of utmost importance to start they
set the record straight concerning the recent fiasco created by the state
minister of foreign affairs Dr.Anwar Mohammed Qarqaash who disowned
existence of Somaliland/UAE relationship.

The UAE delegation discussed many issues however herein some of the point
Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) received from the presidential press

1. The government and people of UAE regret the utterances of state
minister of foreign affairs Mr.Anwar Mohammed Qarqaash

2. UAE government will help Somaliland strengthen her security by
training her armed forces and equipping them with desired hardware

3. The UAE government will from now hence forth import livestock
directly from Somaliland pastoralist population

4. UAE authorities will always strive to strengthen the cooperation
between her and Somaliland and will be wary of any other country trying to
implant discord most of the time through fake news on media outlets

The president congratulated the delegation for fulfilling the promises the
UAE had given to the [people] of Somaliland for instance the acceptance of
the Somaliland passport as a travel document into that country was worth
commendable. President Musa thanked the delegation and promised to uplift
Somaliland/UAE diplomatic relationship to new levels.