Somaliland:Legislator Suspended from Senate Sittings for Attending Puntland Coronation ceremony


Somalilandsun: An upper house of Somaliland parliament member has been suspended
indefinitely from sittings in the house, his crime; attending a traditional
Somali coronation ceremony in Armo village in the Puntland administered
region of Somalia. The senator whose name was given as Hon. Sultan Ismael
Sultan Abdirahman will be barred from participating in the senate business
for a while this is according to information furnished to Somaliland News
Agency (SOLNA) by the first vice chairman of the Guurti also known as House
of Elders Hon.Saeed Jama Ali. 

The Guurti first vice chairman stated at the news conference held at
parliament buildings that the afore mentioned elder took part in a
coronation ceremony in Armo whereby anti –Somaliland sentiments was the
order of the day.

He went on to say that these propaganda meeting in Armo had interfered in
Somaliland internal affairs and sovereignty.

According to video footage of the traditional coronation ceremony a self
styled king from Somaliland Known as Osman Aw Mohammud Burmadow was
overheard calling for Somaliland government to remove her military from a
disputed region belonging to Somaliland which Puntland claim to own.

The king was arrested immediately after arriving from the ceremony and
arraigned a Hargeisa court where he was bailed out.


  1. Foreign policy is the domain of the democratically elected government of Somaliland (according to Somaliland’s constitution). This is also the norm in other democratic countries.

    For a citizen(in this case a clan chieftain citizen) to go into another country and claiming to that countries authorities that he is an emissarie of the Somaliland government(a patently false claim) is illegal.

    To make matters even worse is when this false emissarie brought the Somaliland Military into his fraudulent scheme speech. There is no more respected institution in Somaliland than its armed forces and bringing them into the fraudsters scheeme was the ultimate offense in the eyes of the Somaliland populace.

    A new dawn is upon is Somaliland, and it is a new era of patriotism and most crucially LAWS. The law will be upheld.