Somalilandsun: National Party Chief Irro Accuses Former President Silanyo of Fraud and Calls for President Bihi to Resignation


Somalilandsun:Opposition National Party (Wadani) chairman Mr.Abdirahman Mohammed
Abdillahi (Irro) has accused the former president Mr. Ahmed Mohammed
Mohammud also known as Silanyo for defrauding the people of Somaliland, he
also asked the incumbent head of state H.E Musa Bihi Abdi to tender his

*Irro was speaking during a luncheon hosted by his party new secretary
general a Mr.Khadar at Ambassador Hotel in Hargeisa. However the ruling
party Kulmiye was quick to answer the salvo.

“Politics is not about lying and fantasy, nor is it that you put personal
interest in front of public interest, as it looks now for the past eight
years the ruling party Kulmiye has been cheating Somaliland public. The
former president Silanyo was a freedom fighter, the current president Musa
Bihi is also an independence hero the minister of internal security
Mr.Mohammed Kahin also fought for the freedom of this country they shed
their blood for Somaliland and mostly claim that they have the beat
interest for this country at heart is that true?”

The Wadani boss said that the former administration of president Silanyo
claimed to have signed agreement with DP World for the investment of
Berbera International Port and establishment of a military base by the
government of UAE however they used to accuse the National Party for being
against the development and investment of Somaliland.

“Our conscience is clear National Party supports any tangible investment
into Somaliland however is opposed to a deal shrouded in secrecy only known
by a few close to the realms of power. We want to see a transparent deal
that is brought on the table for the people of Somaliland to scrutinize to
see if it worth signing.” Mr. Irro said

“Wherever the ruling party Kulmiye held a press conference they always
accused the opposition National Party (Wadani) for supporting a greater
Somalia ideology which was a way to mislead the public from their shady
deals clouded with smoke to fleece the unsuspecting public of Somaliland of
their only International Port Berbera which was sold cheaply to DP World.”
The opposition chief stated.

“Whenever Kulmiye was called to parliament to bring documents for the
deals they sign with foreigners they used to beat about the bush.” Mr. Irro

“The biggest question that need a clear answer is why former president
Silanyo and his successor Mr.Musa Bihi are refusing to bring their
agreement with the government of the UAE, what are they trying to hide from
Somaliland people.

I swear to God they have lied to the land, flag and people of Somaliland
and sooner than later they shall have nowhere to hide their shame.”

He said that president Silanyo had left a dark mark in the history of
Somaliland has lied to the people who entrusted him with power. He signed
an agreement with the Federal government of Somalia then handed the file of
the agreement to president Musa.

President Silanyo has shortchanged Somaliland independence with get rich
quick schemes he has ruthlessly nurtured during his time in power.

Furthermore the UAE state minister of foreign affairs Mr.Anwar Mohammed
Qarqaash in an interview with BBC Arabic radio confirmed our suspicions
that the UAE does not recognize Somaliland but signed a deal with the
Federal government of Somalia all these came to light despite the fervent
denial by Somaliland government.

President Musa should also be impeached for not scrutinizing the DP World
deal and instead going along with former administration dance.