somaliland:Foreign Minister Snubs Opposition Chief Call for him to Resign


Somalilandsun: The minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation Mr. Sa’ad Ali
Shire has rubbished the opposition National Party (Wadani) boss Mr.
Abdirahman Mohammed Abdillahi (Irro) call for him to resign because the
government of Somalia was party to the signing of agreement between
Somaliland and UAE for management of port of Berbera by the Dubai based
consortium DP world.

He was speaking in Chattham House, London where he was invited to give a
speech. The FM stated that he has full confidence that the Berbera
agreement with DP World will alleviate the chronic joblessness affecting
Somaliland youths.

He went on to reveal that Somaliland has always had a cordial relationship
with the Gulf States. “Somaliland has had economic and political
relationship with gulf state. For instance 80% of our livestock is sold to
Saudi Arabia, 20% goes to Yemen he further reiterated “We wish to have
likewise the same kind of relations with Somalia, Ethiopia and Djibouti; we
have not cancelled the Somaliland/Somalia talks initiated by Turkey, God
willing the talks will resume when the time is right.”

On Thursday this week the opposition National Party (Wadani) boss Mr.Irro
asked the foreign minister to resign for signing a deal with the Mogadishu
regime these are his words “ I call to my friend Dr.Sa’ad and the
Somaliland ambassador to the UAE H.E Bashe Awil to back their bags because
they were part of a conspiracy to defraud the people of Somaliland through
their shady deal concerning the port of Berbera.

The foreign minister was bombarded with questions by Somaliland nationals
and foreigners alike present at the Chattham House meeting they asked him
if he was ready to step aside following Mr. Irro allegations and counter

“I have done a very marvelous job for Somaliland and I have no reason to
worry however the decision rests with the president of the republic.” Said