Somaliland:The UAE State Minister of Foreign Affairs Sentiments Cause A lot of Controversy


Somalilandsun: Many people were dumbfounded after hearing the denial by the UAE state
minister of foreign affairs Dr.Anwar Qarqaash that his country has no
relationship whatsoever with Somaliland, they also reminisced the many
official trips the government top echelons undertook to that country. All
Somaliland delegations visiting the UAE since 2012 have in only one
instance met with Dr.Anwar.

The aforementioned UAE state minister of foreign affairs recently uttered
some sentiments that have caused a lot of anguish to Somaliland population
at large. He said that the UAE and Somaliland have no bilateral
relationship between them.

For instance the former president Silanyo under took many trips to UAE from
2012 to 2017 but only met the Dr.Anwar in June of 2012 then there was the
Somaliland/Somalia talk in Dubai. President Silanyo was meeting his Somalia
counterpart Sheikh Shariff Sheikh Ahmed, then the UAE state minister for
foreign affairs Dr.Anwar was the organizer of the conference between the
two countries.

During that period the Somaliland minister of foreign affairs was
Mr.Mohammed Abdillahi Omar who met with Dr. Anwar Qarqaash in his office
for the preparations of the talks.

After 2012 the other Somaliland foreign ministers at no time have they met
the Dr.Anwar Qarqaash, for example Mr.Mohammed Bihi Yonis who took over the
helm at the Somaliland ministry of foreign affairs and his successor Dr.
Sa’ad Ali Shire who has visited the UAE multiple of times have never met
this state minister.

On the other hand even the current president H.E Musa Bihi Abdi has toured
the UAE several times but has not seen Dr.Qarqaash.

UAE state minister foreign affair Dr. Anwar is a very influential figure
and the brainchild to the course that country foreign policy sails. For
instance the recent Arab league meeting in Saudi Arabia Dr.Anwar Qarqaash
represented his country in the ministerial meeting for the preparation of
the summit.

When this issue is put on equilibrium it shows that when the UAE foreign
affairs state minister is out of the picture Somaliland/UAE relationship
only concerns DP World and is not diplomatic but a commerce bilateral

The government of Somaliland has to swallow a bitter pill; they have to
meet Dr. Anwar because the foreign minister encounter will show that the
two governments have a diplomatic relationship that how business are done
in the world of diplomacy.

The president of Somaliland needs to go back to the drawing board he has to
change his administration and more importantly overhaul the foreign policy
to be at per international standards. President Musa has to look into his
relationship with other countries with a microscopic eye particularly the



  1. Somaliland has been subjected to the whims of a belligerent liar. It must carefully disengage from UAE who are capable of instigating a war against Somaliland for the most trivial of reasons.