Somaliland: Market and Supply Chain Update, 09th May, 2021— 16th May, 2021

Somaliland: Market and Supply Chain Update, 09th May, 2021— 16th May, 2021

Somalilandsun: Cross border between Ethiopia and Somaliland is normal, supply of fruits, vegetables, khat is ongoing, and prices remain the same for four weeks in a row.

For instance, in Hargeisa, prices of onions, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes and carrots remained the same at 7,700 SL SH, 7,800 SL SH, 6,100 SL SH, 7,300 SL SH and 5,250 SL SH respectively per Kg. In addition, a medium sized watermelon is fluctuating between 25,000 SL SH. and 32,000 SL SH. per piece.

The supply corridor between Asho–Ado village to Zeila is inaccessible due to the heavy rains. Trucks are using alternative route of Hariirad- Tokoshi – Zeila that has led to increase in lead-time.

In Berbera, the renovation of the Berbera corridor is ongoing which smoothly, once complete, the corridor is expected to reduce lead-time between Hargeisa and Berbera.

Local cereals (white maize and white sorghum) slightly decreased compared to last week in most markets in Somaliland. For instance, in Hargeisa, white maize (Kg) decreased from 5,000 SL SH to 4,800 SL SH, white sorghum (Kg) decreased from 5,500 SL SH to 5,300 SL SH, however red sorghum remained the same for four weeks in a row in most markets throughout Somaliland.

In Burao, the price of camel and goat meat increased due to demand related to the Eid celebrations. • In Hargeisa, local goat and camel export quality prices remained the same for two weeks in a row at $83 and $698 respectively per head. In addition, camel milk prices decreased compared to last week from 15,000 SL SH to 14,000 SL SH per litre resulting from improved roads accessibility from rural areas due to decreased GU rains.

In Hargeisa, the exchange rate of local currency vs USD increased from 8,350 SL SH to per USD.

Source WFP