Somaliland Commemorates three Decades of Independence TODAY

Somaliland Commemorates three Decades of Independence TODAY

Somalilandsun: The 30th anniversary of Somaliland falls on Tuesday 18 May 2021.

It is a day people from allover Somaliland celebrate their independence. Previously big events used to held in the towns and cities of Somaliland, but due to this year’s pandemic issues I think, we celebrate
differently this year.

Writes Abdirahman Abdillahi Jibril (Awliyo)
a Somaliland activist in a piece , below, in which he reports that ” I am currently living abroad and I share my feelings and happiness with the people of Somaliland. I also share my optimistic feeling towards Somaliland and what it has achieved during the last 30 years.
Although Somaliland has not yet been able to gain full recognition, it is important to note that it has achieved a lot in terms of development and nation building.

Considering the long journey it has gone through you realize that what this country has achieved cannot be summarized in a short article.

Of course, there are challenges but the people of Somaliland appreciate the progress made in the areas of peace, stability, freedom, rebuilding the
country and development which are all things to be proud of.
The celebration of the 30th anniversary of Somaliland is a long journey that Somaliland has
been through at various stages. On this occasion, I look back at the struggle to regain Somaliland’s sovereignty.

I will highlight challenges and difficulties Somaliland went through during that period. I discuss in this article how the people of Somaliland have worked together to reconcile the Somaliland communities and build an inclusive

I will also discuss the development and reconstruction of the country as well as the manner in which Somaliland conducted the elections that led to the formation of various governments from different political parties and what they have achieved since
But first, I will highlight the history of Somaliland
and the reasons why the British Empire was
interested in Somaliland as well as the struggle of
Somaliland people to free their country from
During Somaliland’s existence under the British
protectorate there were struggles and movements
for independence.

There were many people who fought for freedom, but it is worth to mention the struggle of Sayid Mohamed Abdulla Hassan who led the Darawish fighters based in Taleh (Sool region of Somaliland). In addition to the history of the Sayid Mohamed and his Darwish struggle there were also other liberation movements.continue reading

Somaliland 30th independence anniversary 2021

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