Somaliland: Farole Hosts Khatumo Warlord



By: G.A Maher

GAROWE (Somalilandsun) – The president of the Somalia administrative region of Puntland Mr. Abdirahman Farole met with the secessionist leader of the rag tag militia of Khatumo state Ahmed Garash in the presidential palace at Garowe town.

The meeting which was organized by some members of recently elected parliament traditional leaders and supporters of the warlord was reportedly geared towards ensuring that residents of Taleeh district in Sool region of Somaliland are forced to commit allegiance to the tribal enclave run from Garowe.

The Khatumo militia leader who once served as minister of civil aviation in the Puntland regional cabinet is well known the region for orchestrating clan war and inciting civil disobedience in the eastern regions of Somaliland under funding from his Farole Godfather.

The eastern region of Somaliland has experienced many raids by the Garash led Khatumo militia in an obvious attempts to promote Farole’s empty agenda of destabilizing peace and co-existence prevalent in Somaliland.

Nevertheless the sober minded authorities of Somaliland have avoided at all costs provocations by the Puntland’s administration which wants Somaliland which reclaimed its self-rule in 1991 to rejoin the defunct greater Somalia.

Speaking to journalist of local TV station Horn cable Mr. Farole arms and praised him for his supports of Puntland. Mr. Ahmed Garash a prominent figure in the eastern region of Somaliland bordering Puntland is believed to be eyeing the voice presidential seat in Farole led Puntland region of Somalia