Somaliland: 5 injured in Odweine Demonstration


Odweine residents in confrontation with RRU officers

By: G. A Maher

ODWEINE (Somalilandsun) – Riots erupted in Odweine town the regional capital of Dadmadhedh during a public function by a government team led by the Minister in the office of the president Hirsi Ali Hassan.

The Hirsi led team that included the deputy Commerce and investment minister Bashir Abdi Harir and members of the committee of infrastructure development and road engineers was received by the regional governor Mr. Jamal sheikh Hussein Hurre and Odweine town mayor Mr. Ahmed.

Mr. Hirsi said that his visit intention was to see that the road linking Dadmadhedh to other parts of the country is completed to enable development project come to the region saw residents dispute his decision to bar a local councilor Ibrahim Mohamed from addressing the meeting.

Crack RRU police units arrive to quell the Odweine demonstrations

According to a meeting participant the Councilor was denied address opportunity because his sentiments were opposed to his Odweine local councilor contributing any further roads construction funds since the returns of earlier contributions are yet o be made available.

Immediately the councilor was denied the podium a cross-section of the audience started booing the master of ceremony thence the arrival of the Rapid reaction Unit of the Somaliland police which injured five residents during attempts to disperse the now rowdy meeting.

One of the injured Odweine residents

Later on addressing members of the press councilor Ibrahim claimed that Hirsi had told the regional administration to lock him up after the demonstration which took place outside the meeting venue meanwhile 5 area residents seriously injured and one is critical condition at the Odweine Hospital after the dreaded anti-riot police unit RRU went to quell the skirmishes dozens of the demonstrators were arrested and lock-up at Odweine police station.