Somaliland: Country is Secure and Less Corrupt- Interior minister


Duur Arale, Interior ministerBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Recent midnight security operations are related to protecting citizens from some security threats.

The minister of interior Hon Mohamed Nuur Arale ‘Duur’ revealed this during an interview with the Hornnewspaper in his offices where he also termed the current administration as the most uncorrupt.

Hon Duur informed that national security is at its best due to ongoing operations by various departments that have resulted in the arrest of a number of undesirable elements who will be arraigned in court as soon as investigations are complete.

Not only did the minister defend recent operations conducted at night by security personnel he also defended the government against accusations by opposition figures who alleged of rampant corrupt practices within the Silanyo administration.

Below are the full verbatim excerpts of the interview.

Q. Minister Can you brief on prevailing security status in the country.

A. As everyone is aware the security of the nation is apt due to diligence of security personnel who are continuously on the alert

The continued uplifting of security personnel skills conducted by the government has ensured that we do not react after incidences but before they occur.

Q. What can you tell us about increased night operations by security forces at night, which have raised an outcry from citizens who claim harassment?

A. Citizens should not be afraid of police operations as the police are there to protect them and secure orderly conduct of life.

At the same time when special operations are underway the police have specific targets which they are in pursuit of as a result of prior investigations thus the innocent have nothing to fear since the RRU which conducts these operations is highly trained thus observe etiquettes

Q. Are the night operations in search of Al-shabaab elements that have been dislocated from their bases in South Somalia by AMISOM?

A. The fear of terrorism is universal and we are no different while at the same time our country borders Somalia where the Al-shabaab terrorist are based thus increased security precautions in lieu of the ongoing assault on the extremist organization by AMISOM.

Q. What necessitated the appointment of a deputy minister in-charge of security in your ministry?

A. However, we did not request the establishment of this section in the interior ministry the appointment of senior officials is the prerogative of the president and the one given the task is currently performing his duties superbly with the support of all ministerial staff. Infect the deputy minister has facilitated the ease of my duties as I can deal with other important issues in the knowledge that security issues are under capable hands.

As per the few problems existing sometimes back in Sanaag and between Gabile and Awdal residents, conditions are ok and former antagonists are now co-existing safely.

Though there is co-existence among the Gabile and Awdal residents the Samale incident that ended with a number of killings is yet to be resolved.

Q. During Your tenure as a member of parliament you spearheaded opposition to the former government of Rayale accusing his administration of rampant corruption, how do you rate corruption levels in this administration which you serve in a senior capacity?

A. While corruption is abhorrence it exists worldwide thus cannot deny existence of this vice in our own country, though in my opinion the current administration of President Silanyo is the least corrupt compare to the past administrations.