Somaliland: Singaporean Ladies take the Country by Storm


Dorothy Arlina & Glenda Singaporeans or Somalilanders?By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Three tourists have changed the perception of locals on foreigners completely.

The three female tourists are moving around the city dressed in the proper women dress acceptable to even the holiest of holiest persons in the land.

M/s Dorothy Ng from Singapore Arlina Arshad from Indonesia and Australian Glenda Kwek who are touring somaliland arrived a few days ago and have so far won the hearts of city locals not only due to their dress but easy charm that has seen them make numerous friendships.

While they are from different countries, they are all of Singaporean origin, though Glenda is an Australian citizen while Arlina is in Indonesia for professional reasons.

The three who informed that they are long-term pals met in journalism school in Singapore and have maintained this friendship even after they went different ways in pursuit of their professional careers.

M/s Arshad though Singaporean works in Indonesia as Journalists for AFP with M/s Ng Working as a travel writer for a shipping company in Singapore while M/ s Kwek works with the Sydney Herald Tribune.

See an article on their experiences so far written by M/s Ng and titled ‘Warm hospitality of the people of Somaliland’