Somaliland: Biyo-guduud Battalion Base Commander in Road Accident


Travelling in any part of the roads devoid Sanaag region of somaliland is a hazard as vehicles make their own paths

By M.A. Egge

ERIGAVO: (Somalilandsun) – The National Armed Forces battalion commander based at Biyo-guduud army base in Sanaag has been hospitalized in Erigavo following a road accident.

Cmdr. Abdirissaq Mohammed Farah Nafyar sustained serious hand injuries when the vehicle he was aboard, a Toyota Surf, overturned along the way while back to the base from Erigavo.

According to the report, the deputy regional governor for Sanaag Ismael Abdi Hassan confirmed the incident hence elaborated on the fact that the injury sustained mainly afflicted one of his hands hence is undergoing treatment in Erigavo hospital.

He was being chauffeured at the time of the accident, adds the report.