Somaliland: Entertaining a Staunch Unionist in Hargeisa


“Somaliland must realize that its quest to leave the union is growing increasingly untenable” -Aynte & HIPS

 L-R HIPS and Aynte

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun – Mr. Abdi Aynte the Chief Honcho of the Mogadishu based Heritage Institute for Policy Studies-HIPS is doing the official rounds in Hargeisa where he is not only parleying but breaking bread with senior policymakers.

According to sources Mr. Aynte and his HIPS outfit are in the country to conduct training for yet undisclosed beneficiaries most likely the media where he is expected to impart skills on advocating and lobbying for Federalism which is the main objective for the existence of the presumably non-profit think tank with the aim of informing and influencing public policy and practice of course after engagement with senior Somali policy makers.

Though having the journalist of reckon in the country conducting trainings, in a NUTSHELL, his outfit Heritage Institute for Policy Studies is a major detriment to the aspirations of somalilanders in all fronts but, more so injurious to the one thing taboo, SOVEREUIGNTY, thence the concern with his presence in the country where he is parleying or has already parleyed our very own senior policy makers.

While fettering the Aynte HIPS in Hargeisa is Questionable the facilitation of an entry visa and subsequent assignment of a senior Somaliland immigration as chaperone is amazing

So will somebody tell what HIPS is doing here, why its boss is being entertained and chaperoned by senior officials and who actually issued a visa for him?

Meanwhile we are ears for the enlightenment training to be conducted by HIPS and as usual to be graced at the opening and closing by who but more than senior policymakers and other notables.

Finally good bye the ISTANBUL II Communiqué arrangements of whose non but meeting after 90 days shall materialize.


Final finally, The HIPS outfit and whoever is associated with it should be in Mogadishu Somalia TRAINING the SFG on honouring agreements signed after lengthily and costly deliberations as opposed to being in Hargeisa the nerve centre for quest of international recognition and Somaliland where he is chaperoned by a senior policy maker to parley other more senior policymakers after enjoying local archeology at Las Geel most likely under the sponsor ship of other more more senior policy makers.

HIPS goal

According to Aynte and HIPS “The recent dialogue between the Somali Federal Government and Somaliland in Turkey is an encouraging step toward political reconciliation. Somaliland’s grievances based on historical injustices must be recognized and addressed adequately. Constitutional guarantees must be developed to ensure that past mistakes are not made again. But Somaliland must realize that its quest to leave the union is growing increasingly untenable” Read Somalia Somaliland Negotiations

About HIPS

The Heritage Institute for Policy Studies is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit policy research and analysis institute based in Mogadishu, Somalia.


The Heritage Institute’s mission is to inform and influence public policy and practice in Somalia and the Horn of Africa region through empirical-based, evidence-informed analytical research, and actively disseminating publications, and to promote a culture of research.


To serve as a multi-issue think tank and premier public policy research and analysis institute in Somalia and in the Horn of Africa.

We are achieving this objective by:

• Conducting and disseminating high-quality, policy-relevant research.

• Providing innovative yet practical policy solutions to policymakers.

• Fostering rigorous discussions on public policy issues among the public.

• Creating and maintaining unique repository of information database.

Core Activities:

• Undertaking empirical-based research and analysis on strategic studies that affect Somalia and the Horn region, with a focus on conflict, security, development, socio-economic issues, human rights and foreign policy.

• Promoting regional cooperation, peace, good governance, democracy, human rights and freedom of the press.

• Embarking on a spirited advocacy to inform the public and influence policymakers.

• Stimulating public discussions on issues via conferences and seminars.

• Collaborating with other research institutions; building local research capacity.

• Hosting and assisting independent researchers and graduate students.

• Building and maintaining resource center and depository of knowledge for students, scholars researchers and policymakers.

• Establishing public libraries throughout Somalia, starting with a pilot project in Mogadishu and other major urban centers.

• Organizing and hosting summer book fairs in Mogadishu.