Somaliland: Anarchism Mentality has no Place in SL


Somalilandsun – The Republic of Somaliland has for longer than two decades been trotting and scamper and sauntering towards re-establishing itself as an entity that dwells and thrives amongst the larger community of humanity as a progressive and civilized society.

Whereas the fast track galloping towards industrialization is the hope for all Somalilanders, undermining the essence of her being alone is the foremost issue that directly and squarely contravenes the fundamental and basic legal constitutional rights of the people and the country of Somaliland.
Channels of conveying grievances and associated ways and means of seeking the addressing of matters that warrants so are surely abundant in our country.
Of all avenues of addressing real sensitive matters or causes, the least of all is the course that undermines our integrity, aspirations and essence.
No sane person is ever going to allow what is taking place in Awdal region today and lend it any credence.
Whoever claims that he/she has a vast army hence would use violence to achieve something in SL that he/she wants does not only smirk anarchy, but is indeed directly and expressly depicting savagery barbaric, and anarchist tendency.
Somalilanders are not going to allow at any costs whatever is going on and keep mum.
It is in this same breath that we take issue with the politicians, eminent personalities and top government officials who hail from the area who have let the matter drag on to this point.
Despite the fact that barbs concerning the deteriorating situation in Awdal should justifiably be also thrown at their colleagues from the rest of Somaliland it is clear that there has been feet dragged on this case and the eye and ears deliberately turned sideways.
Only to see to soft-speaking Sultan Wabar has had almost no tangible rejoinder from the area residents of note and politicians leaves much to be desired and is quite telling.
Similarly, having top government officials hailing from the area that boast most learned contemporary academicians and religious scholars in the country, to see that the provocative issue that overly undermines the nation’s territorial integrity hence does not perturb them is also something very chilling.
Have they not the wisdom of reaching to their brethren elsewhere in the country to help them address the matter “if it is so hot” at home?
Since the core of matter, that has now become criminal, is basically political, couldn’t they help nip it in the bud politically?
Whatever the case, when it comes to the nation and constitutional supremacy, no local politics can ever be allowed to hold sway over our sovereignty.
On the other hand, it is incumbent upon all Somalilanders to do the necessary and;
1. Condemn whole-heartedly the ensuing anarchism mentality
2. To join hands and send voices of reason to quell the matter.
3. Address political issue politically and technical ones with the techniques deserved as warranted.
The government should ofcourse be at the forefront of this efforts as always. We have come from far and are heading further and it is not for us to build something today and demolish it the following day.
Distracters and destructors have no place in our midst. Let voices of reason and wisdom reign as per our standardized and perfected trade of home grown conciliatory means.
Where are the MPs, the traditional leaders, the Guurti, the elders, the peace oriented local NGOs etcetera from the rest of the country? Why are they keeping quite?
Once and for all, as a nation of a solid state and a united people, we should all join our hands together and help the President in his endeavours for the sake of the country and posterity.
Polarization politics should forthwith stop. The words of Wabar were not only fueling ill feelings but they have been fanning polarization politics that do not auger well for our future by perpetrating chaos.
We have nurtured well for our radicles and plumules have off-shooted and taken roots respectively hence are never going to be stunted by isms and schisms that have little value or no larger interests for the good of the nation as a whole.
Once more, no polarization politics since SL is here to stay as one entity.
An original editorial of The Horn Tribune a weekly English newspaper published in Hargeisa by the State owned Dawan Media Group