Somaliland: Ethiopia Government Unaware of any Clan Militias Amassing at Common Borders


Says Consul General Berhe Tesfay as Hargeisa Dispatches Senior Duo to Addis Ababa

Ethiopian Consul General Berhe Tesfay says his government is unaware of any clan militias amassing in common borders

By: Yusuf M Hasan
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The government of Somaliland has dispatched its foreign affairs minister Mohamed Behi Younis and Chief of the armed Forces Gen Ismail Mohamed Shakale to Addis Ababa for negotiations with Ethiopian Authorities.
The two countries recently signed a memorandum of understanding geared towards enhancing inter-border cooperation at diverse fronts.
While no reason was given, the visit by the two comes in the heels of recent reports that a renegade traditional leader from Awdal region Sultan Abibakar Elmi Wabari is amassing clan militias along the Ethiopian border with Somaliland.
In the recent past Awdal region has been engulfed in controversies following anti-Somaliland sentiments expressed by Sultan Abikar who is also reportedly leading Samaron clan militias whom he has amaased along the common border shared by the two countries.
The two neighbouring countries share cordial relations that pertain to not only cross border movements of people and goods but security as well.
The Awdal saga started with a video clip released by the reneged Awdal region sultan in which he vomited anti-Somaliland state hood sentiments without giving clear grievances that he is attributing to his clansmen.
On the other hand the Ethiopian government is unaware of any clan militias from Somaliland being amassed on its common borders.
This was informed by the Head of Ethiopian General Consulate in Hargeisa, Brigadier General Berhe Tesfay, following querries by Somalilandsun adding that “our country’s constitution does not facilitate the wrecking of havoc” in friendly countries “through hosting anti-government militias”.

Somaliland FM Mohamed Behi and Amry Commander Gen Shakale in Addis for talks with Ethiopian Countparts
“While we are aware of a rumor of minor conflict happening few days ago in Borama town, we are however unaware of Somaliland clan militias amassing on our common borders,” said Consul General Berhe Tesfay adding that “as far as our knowledge is concerned, the Somaliland Foreign minister and Defence chief are in the Ethiopian Capital for bi-lateral discussions with Ethiopian counterparts”.
General Berhe who expressed his country’s “track record of encouraging peaceful resolution of any internal differences” including in Somaliland and of the “readiness to share experiences and support any efforts aimed to resolve internal differences by peaceful means with a view to avoiding future confrontations or any forms of escalations of conflict”, also noted his Government’s determination “to take legal actions, based on evidence, on any peace-eroding individuals or groups hiding themselves in any cross-border areas within the Ethiopian sovereign territory while creating havoc or anywhere as this compromises the improving mutual peace and stability in the Ethiopian and Somaliland common borders”.
On the other hand, the foreign affairs operative who revealed that Ethiopia has nothing to gain by supporting dissent within Somaliland, said that once the government in Addis Ababa is appraised on the allegations relevant action shall be pursued to unveil the truth thence appropriate action.

At the same time the Ethiopian government shall in pursuit of constitutional fulfillment upon ascertaining facts if approached by Somaliland provide relevant support and share experiences of similar activities.

VP Sayli and his renegade cousin Sultan he has failed to rein
Meanwhile what is most surprising is the very conspicuous absence of the Somaliland Vice president Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail Sayli who is not only the senior most politician and leader from Awdal region but missing in efforts towards reining the renegade his Cousin Sultan and remedy issues before they get out of hand.