Somaliland: Xildhibaan Xoog Responds to Unbelieving Thomases with Facts and Figures of RRU Atrocities


Deployment of the  Crack Uk trained Somaliland RRU is politically motivated alleges MP Xoog

Somalilandsun – In Defense of his integrity against accusations of insincerity and clear sightedness made against him by Mukhtar Haji Ali (What is Xildibaan Xoog Up to) , following remarks he made in a Vice news article titled “UK accused of training and supporting deadly Somaliland counter-terrorism unit” Somaliland Abdirahman Jama Xoog responds with his piece titled The RRU has not been used for the Purpose that it was established for+ facts and figures. Editor

Published below in verbatim

The RRU (Rapid Reaction Unit ) has been used for political purposes in many occasions.
RRU confronted with peaceful protestors in Hargeisa on 15th November 2014, which was also the day they occupied and hijacked the parliament, ,13th April 2014, 28th December 2013 which was the day they fired live bullets indiscriminately at people protesting against water shortages in Hargeisa and 6th December 2012 which was the day they confronted Xaqsoor supporters ,several young people were killed and dozens were injured.
The RRU has been used to hijack and occupy the Somaliland Houses of Parliament on 15th November 2015.
The RRU has been used for the unlawful arrest and beatings of Somaliland MPS on 15th November 2015. The arrested MPS were :-
1)Hon. Said Elmi Robleh,the chairman of Justice and Human rights committee 2) Hon. Ibrahim Mahdi Buubaa, the chairman of Standing committee 3) Hon Bashir Tukale, Deputy chairman of Internal Affairs and Security committee 4) Hon. and Lawyer Mohamed Saleh Egeh 5) Hon. Jama Hassan Adan.
The RRU has been used for the high profile house raids and arrests of former government officials and members of the opposition at the wee hours of the night of the following people;-
1) October 2014. The arrest of Hassan Ahmed Muse (Goodaad), the Shadow minister of Agriculture of Waddani Party.
2) May 2014, the arrest of Abdillahi Abokor Osman, the former Vice-Minister of Internal Security.
3) January 2014, the arrest of former Governer of Togdheer (Burao) Region.
4) June 2013, the arrest of former director of Public Relations department of Presidential Palace.

MP XoogRRU terrorizes people and violates the basic rights of the people. Because the police in general enjoy impunity, the actions of RRU are not investigated. The highly feared police Unit (RRU) is a paramilitary police Unit trained by the government of United Kingdom to combat terrorism but Somaliland government uses it to suppress opposition and stifle dissent. Uk government trains and provides financial and technical support to the RRU. The unit does not have published mandate. It works in secretive manner. The unit violates Somaliland Laws when conducting its operations-Unquote

The author Abdirahman Mohamed Jama MP is an elected member of Somaliland Parliament.