Yemeni caught Selling ‘Khat’ to Somalians in India


Mirqan goes to BollywoodSomalilandsun – A Yemeni pursuing MBA programme in India has been caught with ‘khat’ leaves, coming under narcotic substances, at Asifnagar on Wednesday.

The rented house of Emad Saif Mohammed, 29, at Syed Aliguda was raided by the Commissioner’s Task Force (South) team on a tip-off that he was selling ‘khat’ leaves to nationals of Yemen, Somalia and Ethiopia living in the city.

Banned stimulants

‘Khat’ leaves containing chemicals stimulating nerves and causing excitement are categorised as narcotic substance and banned by the Indian government.

Their production, sale and consumption, however, are legal in Yemen, Ethiopia and Somalia. Mohammed had come to Hyderabad on student visa three years ago.

He was studying MBA in a private college located at Masab Tank.

Procured from Mumbai

He was procuring ‘khat’ leaves through an agent called Javed alias Ram of Mumbai.

Javed would send bundles of ‘khat’ leaves by flight from Mumbai to Hyderabad through his associate.

“If any airport authority questioned them about the leaves, they maintain they are leafy vegetables from Yemen,” the Task Force officials said.

Mohammed would pay Rs. 400 per each bundle of leaves and sell it with a profit margin of Rs. 200.