Worldremit Helps People Under Covid-19 Lockdown Connect During Ramadan

Worldremit Helps People Under Covid-19 Lockdown Connect During Ramadan

Somalilandsun: In the vast market for cross-border money transfers, a newcomer is making a good place in France:

  WorldRemit . Founded in 2010 by Ismail Ahmed, Catherine Wines and Richard Igoe, the company has nearly 3 million users. Its strength: mobile-to-mobile money transfer.

The period of Ramadan and Eid is one of the highlights of these international money transfers. In addition to family support, Muslims around the world also take the opportunity to help the less fortunate. However, the restrictions forced for the second year, people to stay away from their country of origin.

The ftours take place alone without the possibility of meeting. Most Muslims organize video calls with the family to feel less isolated. The telephone then becomes our link with the outside world, a means of keeping the connection with those close to them, in this intense period of family ties and donations.

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Mobile to mobile transfers

And at the time of everything dematerialized, the international money transfer service, WorldRemit has chosen to go through the telephone channel to give the opportunity to help our loved ones. The founder of WorldRemit, Ismail Ahmed embarked on the adventure precisely thanks to his phone. He had the idea to launch his start-up while he was studying an MBA at London Business School. He then sends money to his parents in Somaliland using offline and agent-based services.

From this experience, WorldRemit founded in 2010 will be among the first to focus on mobile-to-mobile money transfer with digital transfers. The options offered are wide: bank transfers, sending to a mobile wallet, recharging or withdrawing money.

As the money transfer market hits $ 690 billion in 2018, everyone is running the cheapest and the fastest. With its solution, WorldRemit makes it possible to send money in 70 currencies to 130 countries, all in one click (mobile, computer) and with much cheaper rates than its competitors.

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