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The 18th May Somaliland Independence Day Included the Global Events Calendar sheet 2021

The 18th May Somaliland Independence Day Included the Global Events Calendar sheet 2021
Somaliland is 30, 18th May 2021- photo courtesy of somtribune.com

Somalilandsun: In the chronology of important historical events of global interest published by German site IDOWA the 18th May Somaliland Independence Day is prominent.

Translated from original German language the chronology states

The following is  a day-to-day review of events, anecdotes, days of birth or death associated with this date, of 18th May

Berlin – The current calendar sheet for May 18, 2021:

20th calendar week, 138th day of the year

227 days until the end of the year

Star sign Taurus

Name day: Erich, Felix, Johannes


2019 – Shortly before the European elections, an internet video entitled “The Destruction of the CDU” is making waves. The Youtuber Rezo sharply criticizes the social and climate policies of the governing parties.

2011 – The federal government decides on billions in funding and tax breaks as well as special rights for electric cars in Germany.

2006 – Nepal’s King Gyanendra is largely ousted by parliament. The military is placed under the control of Parliament.

2001 – Eight Swiss students trapped in a flooded cave in the French Jura are found alive after 40 hours.

1991 – Somaliland declared independence from Somalia. The international community has so far largely not recognized the autonomy of the region in northern Somalia.

1976 – The “Roncalli” circus, founded by the Austrian artists Andre Heller and Bernhard Paul, gives its first performance in Bonn.

1956 – The Swiss Ernst Reiss and Fritz Luchsinger succeed in the first ascent of Lhotse (8,516 meters) in the Himalayas.

1951 – Revolution in the European beverage market: the Swedish company Tetra Pak presents a new type of packaging to the public – the beverage carton in the form of a tetrahedron, later mainly in the form of a brick.

1291 – The last Christian fortress in the Holy Land, the port city of Akko, is taken by the Egyptian Mamelukes. This ends the time of the crusades, which lasted almost 200 years.


1971 – Sebastian Bezzel (50), German actor (SWR- “Tatort” from Lake Constance)

1957 – Frank Plasberg (64), German TV presenter (“Hard but fair”)

1950 – Thomas Gottschalk (71), German showmaster (“Wetten, dass …?”) And actor

1896 – Hans Fischerkoesen, German producer of advertising films and animator, created a total of over 1000 animated films, including the first German animated film in 1919, d. 1973

1736 – Friedrich Wilhelm Freiherr von Erdmannsdorff, German master builder (Wörlitz Palace and Park near Dessau), representative of early classicism, d. 1800


2016 – Fritz Stern, American historian, his work and thinking was shaped by his Jewish history in Germany and the family’s flight from Nazi persecution. German National Prize 2005 and Peace Prize of the German Book Trade 1999, born in 1926

1911 – Gustav Mahler, Austrian composer (ten symphonies, orchestral and piano songs) and conductor (Hamburg Opera, Vienna Court Opera and New York Philharmonic Society), born in 1860

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