Somaliland in Three Decades of Thriving Amidst a Sore Somalia Achilles Tendon

Somaliland in Three Decades of Thriving Amidst a Sore Somalia Achilles Tendon
Flanked by foreign and local dignitaries President Musa Bihi flanks off 30th Somaliland independence anniversary on 18th May 2021 as warns Somalia

Somalilandsun: Happiness and Sadness on the 18th May is an annual fate of Somalilanders.
Happiness because on this Somaliland commemorates anniversary of Self-rule, SOVEREIGNTY.
Sadness because the reminds Somalilanders of their 1960 voluntary later turned fateful Union with Somalia.
But on this 18th May of 2021 Somaliland is celebrating its 30 anniversary of independence despite international recognition as a sovereign nation.

Somaliland in Three Decades of Thriving Amidst a Sore Somalia Achilles Tendon
Songs and dance entertained guests at the Somaliland 30th independence anniversary commemorations at the Presidency in Hargeisa 18th May 2021

With the constraints faced upon by he Covid-19 pandemic Somaliland celebrated its anniversary on a low scale.
Devoid of the annual pomp and glory both at home and abroad Somaliland commemorated its 30th anniversary at a grand ceremony hosted by President Musa Bihi Abdi at the presidency in Hargeisa.

Somaliland in Three Decades of Thriving Amidst a Sore Somalia Achilles Tendon
The Somaliland sovereignty is earned and irrevocable says President Bihi accompanied by service chiefs as he flags of 18th May independence celebrations in Hargeisa

Similar functions were undertaken in the six regional capitals of Somaliland in addition to the preceding’s night motorcade celebrations by flag waving and horn hooting youths.
At the Presidency the function was graced by a high level government delegation from Djibouti who jostled freely with all guests.
All accredited diplomats resident in the country namely from Taiwan, Ethiopia, United Arab Emirates, Djibouti and Turkey also graced.
Conspicuous at the dais were the leaders of the three Somaliland political parties of ruling Kulmiye and opposition UCID and Wadani.
In addition to the large number of ordinary citizens in attendance at the celebrations hosted by President Bihi included his deputy Abdirahman Sayli, Guurti chair and Elders , House speaker and several MPs, Chief Justice, women and youth leaders.

Somaliland in Three Decades of Thriving Amidst a Sore Somalia Achilles Tendon
Resident diplomats from Turkey, UK, Taiwan and the UAE joined Citizens

After entertainment various dignitaries who addressed the function were unanimous on the achievements garnered by Somaliland
“No one can beguile us, our successful peaceful co-existence, national security, Development and Democracy ” was gist of speeches
Emphasised by all was the fact that “ On this day of 18th May 2021 and the twenty-nine which preceded it citizens have cried out in regret over their 1960 zealous union with Somalia
This zeal ended on the 18th May 1991 after a costly struggle waged against by SNM against the Somalia army, resulting in deaths, maiming, public and private property destruction as well as displacement

Somaliland in Three Decades of Thriving Amidst a Sore Somalia Achilles Tendon
Somaliland legislators, Judiciary and government officials at the 30th anniversary event at the Presidency on 18th May 2021

In his address host, President Bihi who recounted the various stages Somaliland has undergone in three decades to become what its is today, a fully functional country did not fail to mention the never ending problems caused her by Somalia.
On this day “We are reaping the fruits we planted thirty years ago” during this period we have achieved feats rarely – if ever – witnessed in the Horn of Africa,” said the President.
Stressing that independence wasn’t handed on a silver platter, but through a protracted and arduous struggle which cost dearly both in life and in property, President Bihi warned that any infringement on the Somaliland sovereignty is an act of war.
Urging the people and government of Somalia to emulate Somaliland rather than the never ending political war waged , since the two countries separated in 1991, the head of state said,

Somaliland in Three Decades of Thriving Amidst a Sore Somalia Achilles Tendon
Somaliland army officers at the function

While Somaliland has experienced thirty years of peace thus availing her citizens the value of freedom and nationhood, our brothers and sisters in Somalia live in constant and costly conflict”
Acknowledging that a number of international partners have contributed to the development of the country, President Bihi pointed out that prevalent Peaceful co-existence, national Security and democratic governance was as a result of home grown reconciliation mechanisms
“While we are ready, willing and prepared to help Somalia achieve long lasting peace, We, Somaliland view intervention in our internal affairs by other countries as an act of war”

Somaliland in Three Decades of Thriving Amidst a Sore Somalia Achilles Tendon
18th may 2021

Somalia which is gradually coming out of status as a failed country and her federal government which is propped Militarily and economically by foreign entities never shy’s away from claiming Somaliland as her mother region.
While the Somalia political mischief against Somaliland has existed for thirty years , the administration of President Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo has exacerbated matters.
For Farmajo any country friendly with Somaliland is an enemy of Somalia, apart from his main backers Turkey and Ethiopia

Somaliland: President Bihi Shines in Djibouti as Somalia Counterpart Conspicuously Absent
President Bihi , 2nd R, ensconced between Presidents Guelleh and Uhuru of Djibouti and Kenya respectively with other leaders far left as they go to the swearing in

Countries like Guinea, Kenya and Djibouti have been recipient of the Farmajo fury over friendship with Somaliland.
First was Guinea which saw its diplomatic relations with Somalia (though non existed) severed after her President Alpha Conte hosted an official delegation from Somaliland led by president Bihi.

Somaliland in Three Decades of Thriving Amidst a Sore Somalia Achilles Tendon
Somaliland and her friends commemorate 18th May in Hargeisa

Next was Kenya which though with pre existing dispute with Somalia, saw her relations severed after President Uhuru Kenyatta hosted and Signed an MOU wih President Musa Bihi.
Latest has been her most resilient friend and never tiring supporter of Peace in Somalia which met the wrath of Farmajo for allegedly siding directly with Kenya and Indirectly with Somaliland.

President Farmajo who has perfected the art and never lets pass a chance, forum, to  malign the Somaliland sovereignty, has done this to his own political demise.

Somaliland in Three Decades of Thriving Amidst a Sore Somalia Achilles Tendon
President Bihi delivered his speech with the support of a sign language interpreter, on 18th May 2021

The Farmajo internationally waged campaign is being felt as far as the ordinary citizen in Somaliland where only one international carrier , Ethiopian Airlines, as a dispute with Flydubai and Al-arabia over suspending flights through orders by the Somalia Civil Aviation Authority -SCAA in Mogadishu.

With Somalia claiming jurisdictional authority over Somaliland,  thus subsequent claim over airspace control and management and granted by ICAO , and authorities in Hargeisa admant  over sovereignty,  foreign carriers plying the Hargeisa route will have to walk on a thin wire to operate.

What of the scrapped U.S fronted dual track policy that acknowledged Somalilanf as a very peaceful and successful regional state of Sonalia  dealt with her, in both humanitarian, development as a defacto state

While the list goes on and on, today’s best ploy by Farmajo publicizing the participation of Somaliland  citizens in the on and of,  acrimony raising elections in Somalia.

Currently the Farmajo presidency is being viewed as illegal,  since after he scrapped away the  February elections in which over ten politicians among them past presidents and PM were challenging him.

The elections and other alleged malfeasance by the Farmajo adminstration has led to rebellion by the five regional administrations, and by the powerful council of presidential candidates

Somaliland in Three Decades of Thriving Amidst a Sore Somalia Achilles Tendon
Political leaders at the 30th anniversary of Somaliland independence in 18th May 2021

Embattled and determined to stick in office at whatever cost , Farnajo has utilized US and Turkey trained crack army units to meter deadly  force to any Sonalia regional state, individual or group of people deemed opponents.

In the meantime,  in Sonaliland the democratization process is on course with the first ever joint parliamentary and local Councils elections are set for the 31st May this year.

With the authorities in Hargeisa as his bashing field, Farmajo has lost complete control over his administration

Most unfortunate are ordinary citizens of Somalia who have to constantly live with the fear of Al-Shabaab that control large swaths of the country, despite the presence of over 20,000 foreign troops and US drones.

Sadly, news of a deadly attack in most  parts of Somalia and attendant fatalities have become he norm.

In retaliation President Farmajo dispatches  crack US and Turkey trained   anti terrorist army units not after Al-Shabaab but against any dissenting regional adminstraton, individual or group

The Puntland card which usually surfaces every Somaliland election cycle has spent its breath thus  to completely become inconsequential come 31st May 2021.

The Sonalia regional administration of Puntland  bordering Sonaliland in the East claims jurisdiction  in the eastern region of Sool and parts of Sanaag l.

This has in the past ensued with deadly confrontation between Somalialnd firces and those from Puntland backed by Somalia l.

With Sonaliland forces having pushed all foreign forces away and subsequent control the forthcoming elections will be undertaken fully, for the first in the entire Sool region and the eastern Sanaag districts of Badhan and Dahar.

The national elections commission registered over100,000 voters in Sool and over 10,000 in the districts of Dahar and Badhan

All the three political parties have each sponsored candidates vying for parliamentary and local Councils’ seats, another first.

Literally this translates to the fact that ordinary citizens in the Somaliland areas disputed by Puntland,  no longer adhere to the greater Somalia notion,  reunification

It would be worthwhile for the entire Africa region if President Farmajo would concentrate in issues Somalia thus let Somaliland breathe, sovereignty