Somaliland: Troops are Keeping Vigil at Bali Diriye, Assures RG


By M.A. Egge
BURAO (Somalilandsun) – Two senior security officers and a local resident have become the latest casualty victims in a scuffle that has to its roots inter-communal land wrangles at Bali Diriye, some thirty five kilometers north of Burao.

According to the regional governor of Togdeer Mr. Mohammed Muse Dirie, the Burao Municipal police boss and a commander of the 12th battalion of the armed forces stationed in the area have sustained injuries that also took the toll of a local gun totting resident.
The governor who was confirming the incident to our sister paper Dawan said that they have quelled the situation and curtailed it from getting out of hand hence have put in place troops to keep vigil.
This followed efforts by the administration to destroy water catchments as ordained by a reconciliatory committee of cabinet ministers earlier on.
The land wrangle that pits the Abdalla Arab against the Reer Biniin in the area coaxed a four-man cabinet team dispatched to the area to delve into the matter. More leaders have since left the city for Burao to beef them.
The group comprising of justice minister Hon. Hussein Aideed, Posted Minister Hon. Mohammed Jama Abgaal, Sports Minister Ali Said Reigal and Interior Assistant Minister in charge of Security Ali Gedeer met both warring groups and ruled that both communities were to live in harmonious sharing of power and resources hence that some water wells/catchments had to go.
In this background did the local regional administration take to destroy the watering points hence could not finish the work before the Abdalle Arab faction stopped them by firing at them.
It is worth noting that this warring group had announced through the public media the rulings made by the cabinet team virtually on the same day hence stating that they were adamantly against the resolutions passed.
However the regional governor has revealed that the elders who mobilized the volatile protest that confronted the administration were known and would be called to answer.
He said that they have since put troops in place to keep the armed warring groups at bay as the issue is to be yet addressed to fruitful conclusion.