Somaliland: The Immorality, Deception and Ignorance Permeated Somalia


Somalilandsun – Somalia was known for its anarchy, piracy, terrorism and illegal migration and warlords. Moreover, Somalia leaders are famous for being corrupt. If you think you are a Somalia expert and you know all about Somalia and need not know more about that miserable country and its regime then think again, because these are only the tip of an iceberg.

Now, we witness the internationally recognized government of Somalia coming up with new innovative ways to deceive the world and its citizens, Somalia is currently the only country on earth where you can openly buy a parliamentary seat in the open market place. Yes, that is true – the ex-Foreign Minister of Somalia Ms. Fozia Yusuf Haji Adan just did that and was sworn to take a seat in the Somalia house of parliament and in the midst of her peers – I say her peers in a bad way, because they all bought their seats and are all ready to sell their Members of Parliament seats for huge profits. If that does not surprise you, please keep reading.

It was just a week ago, when Hassan Sheikh Mohamud the tribally selected leader of Somalia went to Rwanda, pretending to sympathize with those who were killed in the Rwandan genocide. Anyone, who saw his picture during the Rwandan genocide commemoration, would have contemplated that the man deeply cared about human lives and specially the lives of those who perished in the Rwandan genocide.

Despite the image he tried to portray for himself in Rwanda, It did not take him too long to show his true colors, but it took him less than a week to show them for all to see – the colors of insincerity and inhuman callousness.

In just few days, the man forgot all the history he learned or correctly to say, he pretended to have learned from Rwanda genocide. On April 12, 2014, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud celebrated the anniversary of the Somali National Army’s day and praised the achievements of the same army that killed, looted properties, raped and tortured and ethnically cleansed millions of Somalilanders. If he does not care about the genocide of his fellow Somalis and former compatriots then why would he care about the Rwandan genocide with which he does not share language, religion and ethnicity? This is a pure hypocrisy from the part of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

In reality, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud does not care whether humans suffer in genocide or in holocaust. All he cares about is staying in power. Rwandans make part of the African forces that give him and his regime the protection they need to stay in power. That was the only reason that took Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to the Rwandan capital and not to sympathize with Rwandans or learn a lesson in the history of human suffering in the hands of ruthless criminals no matter whether they are from Rwanda, Somalia or Nazi Germany.

To add insult to injury, just few months ago and during the Somaliland –Somalia talks in Turkey the regime in Mogadishu has condemned the atrocities that were committed against Somalilanders by the Somali National Army.

Somalilanders and international experts in the history of Somalia were not surprised by the moves of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, because the Somalia regime does not value human lives, international agreements or does not respect the rights of its own citizens.

In Istanbul, Turkey the regime of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud signed a traffic control agreement in which Somaliland and Somalia were supposed to jointly control the air space of the two countries from Hargiesa, the capital of the Republic of Somaliland. For the second time that agreement was breached by the Mogadishu regime without taking in to consideration the consequences of their action and the impact it will have on their international relations.

Additionally in Turkey talks, Somaliland and Somalia agreed not to make inflammatory statements against each other. That too was breached, not ones but many times. The selected leader of Puntland State of Somalia made fool of himself few weeks ago by falsely alleging that Al-Shabaab are supported and trained in Somaliland. It did not take a week, when a Puntland soldier murdered two United Nations consultants in Galkayo, Puntland. The Puntland leader was present few meters away from the crime scene. To his embarrassment all international staff in Puntland was immediately evacuated to Hargiesa, the capital of the Republic of Somaliland.

Finally, the Mogadishu regime is trying to destabilize the Republic of Somaliland by supplying moral, material and military assistance to mercenary terrorist groups that commit crimes within Somaliland borders.

If these are not immorality, deception and ignorance, I am then running out of adjectives to explain the political realities in Somalia.

Yusuf Dirir Ali