Somaliland: Sanvi Global Launches Cawo Laundry Soap


Cawo orig

Somalilandsun – Sanvi Global a company based in Dubai recently launched CAWO brand Laundry Soap in Somaliland in 225gram cakes.
CAWO is a premium quality Vegetable Oil based Laundry Soap without any addition of animal tallow. Many low priced Laundry Soaps use Animal Tallow which does not clean overly well.

CAWO Banner 4 CAWO is made from pure Vegetable Oil and comes with an attractive wrapper. It is priced in par with the other soaps sold in the market though its quality is far better than the existing Laundry Soaps.
The unique feature of CAWO Laundry Soap is that it is Abaya safe and does not leave any white stain on black Abaya after wash.
Cawo Banner 2Ladies can now replace Abaya Shampoo with CAWO Laundry Soap and save money.