Somalilandsun – Whatever pros and cons of the resultant effects of the US/UK security travel alerts may be argued out to be, the one truthful factor to have come out of the whole saga has been a blessing in disguise for SL.

Yes, a blessing in disguise for good riddance that brought all together in togetherness and in unison, reiterate their nationhood, solidarity and vowing to stand by as vigilantes to uphold the peaceful stability cherished. It rekindled the country’s resolve, pepping it up.

This may be one reason that has coaxed the superpowers to rethink their decision by pledging to review them.

True, the contrast between SL and elsewhere is the resolve of the masses as concerns their aspirations.

Historically, what we have gone through has not been witnessed elsewhere before (here). Planes lifting off the same town to bomb it!

Or, a handful of rag tag rebel force mauling a battle hardened, fully armored and formidable national army.

Or better still, rising from the ruins to put together a nation with unmatched democratic success in the region -the first to use biometric system in the whole continent.

All in all, despite our past being self explanatory both by implicitly and explicitly, the vows taken by the people to vouch for their security, social and political rights should have reminded the superpowers on arbitrary decisions on emotive issues.

Just as the Head of State just reiterated in the UK last week, the quest of the country’s aspirations would continue hence SL would never give in to whims against her interests.

It has to be understood that the slated future talks between the former Somalia entities has to continue in the envisioned civilized system and surrounding.

We support the president in maintaining that the talks should not be hindered in any way.

It is our utmost belief and understanding that SL is here to stay and no patriot would be daunted by any way wards.

The writer M.A.Egge is he editor of the Horn Tribune an English weekly newspaper published in Hargeisa b the state owned Dawan Media Group