Somaliland: Samaale Reveals Presidential Ambitions


Samaale declares bidBy. Yusuf M. Hassan

The leadership tussle for the ruling Kulmiye party has widened.

The Finance Minister Hon. Abdiaziz Samale has revealed ambitions for the country’s top office through a Kulmiye ticket.

At a luncheon he hosted for members of his Sa’ad Muse Clan the Finance Minister announced his candidature for the chairmanship of the ruling Kulmiye party during its planned General Assembly to be held this March.

Hon. Samale who is the first to announce his candidature will challenge current acting party leader Muse Bihi who is also from the Sa’ad Muse sub clan.

Muse Bihi who has been acting leader since President Silanyo resigned the post upon assuming the Presidency had in the past held a similar function for his sub clan who gave him similar support as the one given Samale