Somaliland: People, and not states, are in dispenses


Ukuse to assumes new mantleBy: M.A.Egge

Somalilandsun-As concerns the latest broom sweeping the information department, which was of course long overdue, several aspects need to be uppermost in mind at all times.

Integrity-Integrity just as the foreign department is supposed to mirror a nation and her essence in entirety abroad, or just as the interior ministry wields the same image making within, what may not be understood well is that the information department is the one charged with the tasks of overall imaging of an essence both internally and externally.

This coupled with its manipulating powers gives it the fourth estate by-name (or as nowadays quipped, the fourth government).

As such, if such a strong arm of a body has its limb maimed, it is in similarity to bringing disrepute to either the legislature, executive or judicial arm of a nation.

In other words, the integrity of a nation is supposed to be well reflected by this department.

Sobriety- Sobriety is must in this field. Such a place, therefore, has to be piloted by an integral sober-minded figure that is not overridden by emotions.

The navigator of such a vessel should have cool nerves to be able to steer well and in command of turbulent waves and currents.

If such a captain is the opposite, then the image spit would not be binding nor truly in line to the needs of a nation and her aspirations.

TQM-The 21st century, which calls for total quality, management needs. In entirety, top-level leadership would advance quality in all segments of sectional requirements.

This would call not only for fit financial or economical inclined mind but also for one that knows how to deal with crises.

Technical issues need technical answers, political ones need its own type of management and so are social or others in question.

Priorities -When dealing in anything, it is the priorities, which matter. In this case, ours is the state; and the state is the country and people of the land. We have to know that the image we must reflect should be the most apt as concerns national cohesion, stability, development or any social aspect concerned.

Indispensability- It is true that only the Presidency is technically above common legal obligations of a state and therefore, has the right to do any changes whenever and wherever applicable without question.

Similarly, contrary to local claims in the press, the President is not legally obliged to give reasons why he replaces or transfers officials.

Neither is he legally bound to publish why he changes his officers. Anyone questioning that has to refer to the constitution and laws of the land.

Since the heads of state are practically and symbolically the integral equivalence of a state, officials are indispensable.

Fanning ill-wills- We should at all times work for the well being of our nation and refuse such gutter press which fan lies, malicious allegations, cruel satire, libelous claims, falsities and unverified sweeping statements and potentially explosive blabbers that can easily breach public peace.

The new information chiefs should better the department for the overall well being of the nation.

The writer Mohamed Ahmed Egge is the editor of government owned The Horn Tribune weekly English newspaper published by the Dawan Media Group in Hargeisa.

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