Somaliland: Of 211 Candidates Vying for 82 Member of Parliament Seats only 11 are Women -NEC Official List

four of the eleven women vying for parliamentary seats in the Somaliland elections 2021

Somalilandsun:  Of the 211 candidates vying for seats in the 82 members Somaliland parliament’s house of representatives only 11 are women.

This is according to a list released by the National Elections Commission-NEC which reveals the names, symbols, regional constituency and sponsoring party of candidates eyeing membership of the national legislature in the Somaliland parliamentary and local council’s elections slated for the 31st May 2021

The house of representatives, Somaliland’s lower chamber of parliament whose full quorum is eighty-two, has attracted 211 aspirants with sponsorship on a regional quota by the three national political parties of ruling Kulmiye and opposition UCID and Wadani

MP Baar Saeed is the only female legisltor in the outgoing Somaliland parliment

The six regional constituencies of Sool, Sanaag, Maroodi-jeeh, Awdal, Toghdeer and Sahil have varying number of allocated seats in the legislature thus multiplied three since each party is sponsoring an exact number equivalent to seats on the grab, thus the 211 total candidates nationwide.

While UCID with five leads the national tally of party sponsored women candidates both ruling Kulmiye and opposition Wadani have four each

On the run Anab Abdi Hirsi is candidate for Parliament in Both Somaliland and Somalia elections 2021

Of the 211 candidates each of the three parties has sponsored a total of 82 which corresponds with the legislature full quorum

the NEC list of Parliamentary candidates of 2021 indicates as follows

Somaliland female parliamentary candidates 2021

The names of the female candidates are

  1. Sool Region

Anab Abdi Hirsi Isse, UCID party

  1. Sanaag Region

i. Saáda Muse Ahmed Farah, UCID party and

ii. Dalays Shire Farah Mahmud, Kulmiye party,

  1. Sahil Region

i. Saádo Jama Abdi, UCID party,

ii. Fadumo Amran Nuur Ali, Kulmiye party

III.           Zamzam Mohamed Igge Farah, Kulmiye party and

iv. Suád Armiye Odawaa Darood, Wadani Party

  1. Maroodi-jeeh

i.   Waris Hussein Igge Shiil, UCID party

ii. Suád Ibrahim Abdi Muse, Wadani Party

5.  Awdal Region

i.  Amina Elmi Fareed Badeed, UCID party

6.. Toghdeer region

i. Kubra Hasan Mahmud,  Wadani party

Ironically Somaliland where the outgoing parliament has only one female MP majority of voters are women

Police are pursuing candidate Khubra Hasan for talking with President Farmajo of Somalia

By the time of going to press two Oppostion parties sponsored female candidatdes in Sool and Toghdeer region were on the run

According to police Candidate Anab Abdi Hirsi Isse, UCID party in Sool region is on the Run after  reveal that she is allegedly contesting , simultaneously,  for a parliamentary seat in both  Somaliland and Somalia elections 2021

While Kubra Hasan Mahmud,  Wadani party candidate for parliament in the Togdheer region is wanted for allegedly  travelling to Somalia and met with Farmajo and other officials recently.

Full list of parliamentary candidates by region and sponsoring party as released by NEC

Awdal MP candidates
Maroodi-jeeh region MPs candidates 2021
Sahil region
Sanaag region
Sool region