Somaliland: Captain Zuhur Encourages Women to Join the Coast Guard

Five year veteran Captain Zuhur Fathi Mukhtar urges women to join her at the Somaliland Coast Guards

Somalilandsun: “I know women can work in the Coast Guard, and I’m inspiring them to aim for higher level positions,”

This is according to Captain Zuhur Fathi Muktar a five year veteran of the Somaliland Coast Guard

She was among the first women to join this organization. Now, five years later, Captain Zuhur is the head of Trainings and member of the supervisory committee, and sees herself as a role model for the other women, including the five currently serving in the Coast Guard.

“I know women can work in the Coast Guard, and I’m inspiring them to aim for higher level positions,” Zuhur says.

Zuhur is inspired by the support she gets from the Coast Guard high-level officers. She specifically appreciates the Commander of the Somaliland Coast Guard, General Mohamed Hussein Farah (Hirane), who played a major role in encouraging her to develop herself in her field of work.

Zuhur mentioned that she admires the quality of a woman working for international organizations who support Somaliland Coastguard, but she didn’t mention her by name.

Captain Zuhur leads sea based operations against illegal Yemeni fishers within Somaliland waters

“I am also inspired by a woman working for one of the International partner organizations who occupies high position. Her example motivates me to aim for the highest level at the Coast Guard.’’ Zuhur concludes.

Apart from her duties as the Coast Guard’s head of Trainings and member of the supervisory committee, the highly trained lady is also involved in operations at sea.

Last month Captain Zuhur Fathi Mukhtar led a unit that was part of a Somaliland Coast Guards operation against illegal Yemeni fishers within national waters

Capt Zuhur at a EUCAP Partners’ Project Management Capabilities enhancement workshop

This came after Units on a reconnoitre mission reported  a fleet of boats busy hauling aboard tons of fish they caught in Somaliland’s bountiful seas which teems with a rich variety of both coral and deepsea species of fish.

The coastguard base at Berbera flew into action mounting a midnight operation led by the Commander of the Coastguards, himself, Brig, Mohamed Hussein Hirane with Colonel Harun Saeed Ali, Commander of the Coast Guards First Base at Berbera, leading the operation. Captain Zuhur Fathi Mukhtar led part of the operational units.

Commander of the Somaliland Coastguards Brigadier Mohamed Hussein Hirane oversees opertions led by Capt Zuhur Fathi

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Mission Background

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At its launch, EUCAP Nestor was mandated to work across the Horn of Africa (HoA) and Western Indian Ocean (WIO). As of the end of 2016, following a strategic review of the Mission, activities focus solely on Somalia (including Somaliland). The Mission Headquarters is currently located in Mogadishu.


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The Somaliland Coast Guard

Founded in 2 October 1995 the Somaliland Coast Guard is the maritime law enforcement, search and rescue and coastal defence branch of Somaliland Armed Forces. Officially the Somaliland Navy, Its mission includes the protection of Somaliland territory and sovereignty.  Read more HERE