Somaliland: Marauding Bees injure Hargeisa Residents


Sketch of bees attack/googleBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somaliland) – Three people suffering from bee inflicted injuries are hospitalized at Edna Aden Maternity Hospital.

According to Edna hospital reports the three sustained the injuries when marauding bees invaded Half London estate of Ahmed Dagah district in the capital Hargeisa where the angry and suspected hungry and homeless bees let loose on residents indiscriminately.

Though a number of other half London estate residents received not serious injuries their concerted efforts could not defeat the bees in the over one hour attack until the police force that on arrival sprayed the bees with an overwhelming burst of water carted by fire engines.

Half London residents who were in a state of shock the whole of yesterday even after the police had managed to disperse the bees are now back to normal though every slight buzzing sound is still cause for most residents to seek succor in closeted places, the best place being under beds.

Edna aden Hospital informs that the three hospitalized bee victims are out of danger after their injuries were attended to properly by the combination of local and expatriate doctors at serving the hospital .

The last time Hargeisa residents witnessed attacks by bees was in 2004.