Girl Killing father and brother for love she has for a lower caste


An Indian girl is reported to have killed her father and brother – the mother escaped death, – by feeding them with poisoned food. Her mother was unwell that day and did not eat the food she was served by her daughter.

Her sickness that became her guardian angel.

The girl, who is under police custody now, has admitted the act saying she had to do so because here family refused her to marry a man she loves who is from a lower caste – the untouchables of India. This is a class of people who are the poorest of the poor and are unwanted by the higher and the middle class.


ndia should recognise these people as worthy and must be given their rightful place in the society. By treating them as untouchables, the country is violating their human rights, and here is where the government should step in and streamline the laws.

The international community – the activists, human rights organizations should force the Indian Government to pass laws that safeguard the interests of these people.