Somaliland: Journalist Rambo to Contest a Parliamentary Seat on a Kulmiye Party Ticket

Journalist Mohamed Hussein Jama'Rambo' for Somaliland MP

Somalilandsun: The editor in chief of Geeska media Group Mohamed Hussein Jama ‘Rambo’ has declared his intent to represent Maroodi-Jeex (Hargeisa) region in the Somaliland House of representatives.
This declaration become public in the capital Hargeisa when the ruling Kulmiye Party accepted to sponsor the candidacy of journalist Rambo in the forthcoming parliamentary and local councils elections slated for mid this year.
This development took place at function held at the ruling party’s headquarters in the Somaliland capital Hargeisa where the candidate and his supporters were hosted by top officials.
Revealing that the Kulmiye Party has accepted to sponsor the quest of Journalist Rambo to serve residents of Maroodi-Jeex region as their member of parliament was ruling party’s second deputy chairman Ahmed Abdi Hussein (Ahmed Cabdi-dheere).

Somaliland: Journalist Rambo to Contest a Parliamentary Seat on a Kulmiye Party Ticket

Apart from the candidate’s group of supporters others witnessing the anointment of candidate Rambo were the Kulmiye Party’s Maroodi-Jeex regional chairman Abdirahman Mohamed Jama, a number of cabinet ministers as well as party members.
The ruling party is also to sponsor the similar candidacy of Saeed Yusuf Adam Garow who was also part of the Rambo bandwagon of supporters led by the duo’s traditional leaders.
Speaking on behalf of the Rambo traditional leaders and supporters Politician Abdilahi Jawan said, “our presence here exemplifies the confidence we have in journalist Rambo as well as the ruling Kulmiye Party”
Stressing on the fact that  Rambo has built his way to the top through sheer sweat and determination’ Abdilahi Jawan said that it is believed that the same shall be utilized at parliament to not only benefit his constituency but the Republic of Somaliland at Large.
Rambo who is editor in chief of the Geeska Afrika Media Group whose publication are in Somali and English holds a master’s degree in international relations from the Kampala International University .

Candidate Rambo and his supporters pose with Kulmiye Party officials in Hargeisa

This declaration is testimony of the intensifying quest for political seat at the highest level by a new blood of Politicians in the Country’s first consolidated Parliamentary and local councils elections.
The national elections commission NEC slated date of 31st May 2021 has been forwarded to Guurti the upper chamber of parliament for approval thence signature by the president.