Somaliland: Invitation to National Youth Day and 36th UFFO Anniversary Commemorations


Somalilandsun- On the 20th February of 1982 the government of then Somalia dictator Mohamed Siyad Barre arrested and sentenced to death a number of youths in Somaliland then northern Somalia Region
The reason attributed to this brutal action was related to the youths all locally educated initiating a volunteerism program at the Hargeisa Group hospital under the banner of UFFO.
The youth fronted program at the height of massive oppression against the mainly Somaliland based clan had the objective of creating sanitary conditions at the then northern Somalia main health facility.
The resultant crackdown by the dictator’s forces accompanied by security agents from the notorious National Security Service-NSS elicited anger by local youths in Hargeisa through unprecedented protest demonstrations.
In honor of UFFO members and their activities that stimulated resistance to Barre’s oppression by ordinary locals the government of Somaliland slated 20th February a national youth day.
To legalize this national day and in In accordance with article 90 of the constitution of the republic of Somaliland president of Somaliland Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo issued in 2017 decree reference No:JSL/M/XERM/249-4570/022017
The decree informed that the purpose of the national youth day has the sole objective of not only youths but honouring them for service to the country.
To this effect and on an annual basis the day 20th February sees commemorations that acknowledges the importance of the role of the youth and hence to underscore their position in the society.

Photo of a historic reunion of four now aged Somaliland UFFO members in Wales with the mayor and deputy of Cardiff City namely 3rd From left Mohamed Baroud, Adan Warsame, Omer Essa and Eid Alisaln

In this regard the ministry of youth and sports which is the administration’s mandated body to facilitate such invites to national commemorations of the national youth day.
Therefore on the 20th February 2018 activities launching the 36th anniversary of UFFO and the annual Somaliland national youth day shall commence with a parade starting from the ministry of youth and sports with the procession leading to ultimate commemoration venue at the Khayriya grounds in the capital City Hargeisa.
All are cordially invited to the occasion that shall be graced by members of UFFO.

at the same time similar events are taking place International with the most important be Ng held in the Untied Kingdom on the 23rd February 2018 at 76 Church Hall in Birmingham where various artists will be present.

Somaliland national youth day 2018 in the United Kingdom