Somaliland: Finance State Minister to Brief Diaspora on Economic Status


Left-Hon Sahrdid in a briefing organized by Amb GaruufINVITATION

By: Yusuf M Hasan

WASHINGTON (Somalilandsun) – Diaspora Somalilanders are invited to a briefing on prevalent Economic status of Somaliland. .

The Somaliland mission cordially invites Somalilanders living in USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, UAE and France to a briefing on the development status of Somaliland in the two years of President Silanyo’s administration and planned accomplishment on the remaining term of the president.

The briefing by the state minister for finance Hon Osman Sahardid Adani and facilitated by the Somaliland Envoy in the USA Ambassador Rashid Garuuf will be held on Saturday 3rd November 2012 in Washington DC and accessible to those outside the area via conference calls.

Those living outside Washington DC and wish to participate in the briefing can do so via teleconference.

To access kindly use this key 329103 to access the below numbers in the indicated hours by City/Country

1. USA 1-209-255-1000 @2pm Washington DC time

2. Canada 1-559-670-1000 @2pm Toronto time

3. Italy +39-0-011-092-0915 @7pm Rome time

4. UK +44-0-7848-43-2913 @7pm London time

5. France +33-0-180-14-0005 @7pm Paris time

6. Netherlands 31-0-20-322-3050 @7pm Amsterdam time

7. UAE/GCC 973-1656-8350 @10pm Dubai time

8. Germany +49-09772-316-000 @7pm Bonn time

Since the organizers anticipate a large number of participants we urge those interested to pre-post their questions through email

For those who require further information kindly contact telephone # 1-703-745-2199

Allah baa mahad leh

Rashid Garuf

Somaliland Mission – USA