Somaliland: DR Mao-Aweys Struck off the UK Medical Register


Dr Macaw

Somalilandsun – According to Birmingham & Black Country BBC news, London Evening Standard and ITV News, Dr Ali Mao-Aweys was struck off from the Medical Register on Friday 30.5.2014 as he was found offering advice on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) to an undercover reporter Mazher Mahmood on April 2012.

The remove of female genitals without valid medical reason is illegal in the UK.
The ITV news said the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service based in Manchester, England, found Dr Mao’s misconduct “at the extreme end of the spectrum of serious misconduct and was damaging to the public’s trust and confidence in the profession”.
The Evening Standard wrote that the panel at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester found “deplorable misconduct” had “brought the profession into disrepute”.
The ITV News said that it was said “he will be struck off the Medical Register with immediate effect”. It added “he has 28 days to appeal the decision”.

Dr Mohamud Ege
A Somalilander practising
Medicine in England