Somaliland: “We Can Save the Country from Looming Political, Social and Economical Crisis” UCID VP candidate


Abdirashid H Mataan

By Ahmed Abdi
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) -We need to save Somaliland from the looming political ,social and economical crisis that it has been facing over the last four years, Justice & Welfare Party’s Vice Presidential candidate said.

Kulmiye Ruling party lost its support and the confidence of the people that it has been enjoying when it first came to power four years ago after its elected officials have been hesitating to answer to the people.And we together with the people of Somaliland have told them with the highest voice the danger it may bring to them, which has finally happened today as we speak”, UCID’s vice presidential candidate ,Abdirashid Hassan Mataan said Friday.

“The Kulmiye intellectuals including Mohammed Abdulkader,Boobe Yusuf ,Mohammed Hashi were booted out with the consent of Kulmiye Party, simply after they had realized that something went wrong and urged Kulyime ruling party to fix the problems”,Mataan told journalists.
The Vice Presidential candidate, which had briefed to the media the social,economic and political developments of his own country and addressed the power dispute within the ruling party attacked the current administration and hinted that his UCID party would be the best bet of Somalilanders.

“No party is perfect, they all have faults, but the party that is not serving the interest of the people, as Kulmiye proved to be, ends in vain, moreover, when you have to deal deceptively with your own people, the outcome is never beneficial for you either, said the opposition official.

“We (UCID) together with the people of Somaliland have seen enough to judge the kind of poor Kulmiye leadership traits,which can lead Somaliland uncomfortable position and will put us all conditions that we will not be able to persevere at this critical time to achieve our dreams”,Mataan said. “Somalilanders don’t need the ruling party’s current disagreements i.e creating chaos in Somaliland ,Somalilanders need to care the directions that the country is heading and changes that needed to make in order to be the champion of the Horn of Africa and the continent at large.”

Despite political turmoil in Somaliland,the Opposition party insist on that certain governmental institutions remained non-partisanship so far and urged to continue doing so,as power elites go and one one comes.
“Detentions and the national security forces can no longer help you (Kulmiye) and make you stay in power for ever. The institutions of law and justice remained neutral at the outset of the disputes between the government and its Kulmiye party and we encourage them to continue their impartiality.”
The powerful opposition party called on the institutions such as representatives (Guurtida) to settle all these problems through mediating for the benefit of Somaliland and Somalilanders and to put pressure the Silaanyo administration not to make any power abuse.
“The representatives should remember that the safety of the nation depends on to return the rule of law, since the time left this administration is far too limited. And its new campaigns against the will of the people could lead the destruction of Somaliland hence it is necessary to plan ahead before we return where we all started, after we had passed through tribal strife in 1990s,” said the political figure.

“All these arisen issues are only preventable to be discussed and evaluated by the parliament -and the economic and security committees to conduct efforts to limit any means that the government can use the power and the national property against its own citizenry in part of destroying the nation.”

Somaliland, which shares border with the tiny African nation of Djiboutia and Ogaden region broke away from the rest of Somalia in 1991 and has been relatively peaceful over the last two decades.