Somaliland: Don’t Slaughter the Media which Prevents Spears from Our Slayers


Independent Media Prevents Spears from Our Slayers: Don’t Slaughter It with Spiteful SwordsMohamed Farah Abdi

By: Mohamed Farah Abdi

I would like to thank Somaliland media for their marvelous and wonderful endeavors they exerted to make available detailed news, inspire civilians and enhance synergy and national feelings and demonstrate perspectives reflecting public perceptions.

And my heartfelt grateful will specifically go to the independent media for their valuable inputs they contributed to our young and fragile nation where they had advocated rights of the victim and bravely confronted oppressions from tyranny members.

It’s undisputable that our democratic media played a prominent role in the protection of our constitution and bylaws and the endorsement of our sovereignty across the world. The independent media is the principal pillar of democratic principles which comprising more of the following:

Autonomous media (freedom of speech)

Effective rule of law

Vibrant civil society

Human rights protection

Free and fair elections

Free and fair election is just one of the wider spectrums of democratic principles. It’s an obligatory for Somaliland to utilize all democratic principles to attain sphere standards of democracy indicated by international laws and resolutions from large-scale conventions in which independent Media and freedom of speech is given the main concern.

Although Somaliland has achieved democratic elections and stability which appreciated by international communities; however, this progress still needs immediate improvement. The progress is being challenged by recurrent intimidations against the media including suffocations – harassing media groups to work smoothly. Independent media is the most powerful means of country’s transformation into developed and peaceful society where socio-economic and geo-political growth is accelerated. Independent media is an eyewitness in opposition to the corruption, nepotism and human rights biases and violations against law. As a matter of fact, media has more influential and supremacy on political arena with the aim of seeking good life for our children and mothers dying of hunger and to fulfill our long-term missions such as to achieve international recognition. Conversely, while our independent media is inspired to defend our country from the wicked enemies, we have taken catastrophic measures to throttle them.

Frequent cruelty against the media indicates sense of irresponsibility and lack of tolerance to resist voices from voiceless people. Intimidation against the independent media will be dreadful sign of smashing the main democratic principle which is freedom of speech. Limited freedom of speech will authentically hinder us to achieve our vision, and it will undermine our reputation in the world where we want an immediate recognition. Current menace will diminish the expectations among the earnest civilians who have been waiting better life for the last decades. Moreover, this will come up legacy of dictatorship and infringing the constitution and orders.

Media is not above the law and it can be prosecuted through legal procedures. Somaliland has a typical media law which is germane to the international media laws. This law was developed and signed in 2004 when it was started to officially put into practice. For this, its mandatory for everyone to take as fundamental basis on accusations and trials against the individuals from independent media. For that reason, Silanyo has broken our constitution and national bylaws. The broken democratic principles and bylaws may minimize our chance to join to global communities and receive their acceptance, and may also demolish governmental institutions – creating anarchy like the south Somalia.

Horrible acts against independent media, breaking national laws and lack of sense of tolerance will weaken our optimism from the new elected authority. I want to recommend Somaliland authority to mainstream media in the building of democratic principles, regard media as the central place of country’s development and keep country’s democratic reputation. In contrast, I am sincerely recommending independent media to strengthen solidarity, improve their capacity and have tolerance to the aggressions. They should avoid any form of information which may rise chaos and threaten our fragile peace and statehood.

Mohamed Farah Abdi

Hargeisa, Somaliland