Somaliland: Don’t Dent KULMIYE’s Image


Somalilandsun -Despite the fact that the statutory books compel everyone to cherish and respect the rights of the freedom of speeches and choices, the latest political hullabaloos emanating from KULMIYE backyard raises eyebrows.

It is to this effect that we may counter the wonderment, and for a moment, pause in consternated frown as to the emanating repercussions that may occur which is bound to be detrimental to the greater national support of and for our ruling party.
It is true that in line with our own heritages communal, and in recent times, our national household trademark of conciliatory trends of striking harmonious cords, whatever agreed upon and generally acknowledged is instantly adopted and the accords stick.
Similarly, it is true that wherever any such MoU is undermined, rescinded, contradicted or countermanded, emotions are stirred and run high to the detriment of the reconciled objectives.
For whatever reason, since the MoUs are generally not legally binding treaties (unless otherwise bonded), whoever manipulates gaping holes in the technicalities to further a cause may un-ruffle feathers along the way, however legally correct the modes maybe.
As for its morals, it is for Somalilanders to adhere, uphold and bolster our hallmark traditions.
That much said, the accusations and counter-accusations surrounding support for future flag-bearer-ship of the KULMIYE political vessel, the rumblings going on may, in reality, undermine the ship itself.
The Haldoor group, Sultan Hirey, the Hoodale divided factions, the community traditional and contemporary leaders and political pundits have spoken much on the issues.
The truth of the matter is that KULMIYE is a national institution and whatever political mobilization and clamours from within should not be left to dent the larger image of the party.
Sultan Hirey’s caution and all other sentiments like that of Haldoor should be taken into consideration just as other remarks that emanated from associated stakeholders should be.
The community entangled in the uproar now should take note that others, who may (technically) have rights entitled to field their aspirants too may join in the fray to save the party from being plunged.
We should respect the party for it is the ruling one and that its image should not be marred at any cost. On the other hand we support the efforts going on to address the political crises perpetrated by the renegade traditional leader in Awdal that touched on the security and sovereignty of the country.
We support the VP and the regional traditional leaders and their colleagues from elsewhere in the country for their steadfastness to try to calm the situation.
We do not want to see any misdemeanors that undermine our territorial integrity anywhere in the whole nation.
In the same breath, we call upon all Somalilanders to step up their vigilance and support to the hilt the aspirations of the land.
We should, from grassroots level in the streets to all branches and levels in/of the society to uphold justice and be truly sincere. From the business and allied private sectors to the public ones should respect and foster just means and uprightness.
We should join hands together even more for we still have the skies as our limit.

An original editorial of The Horn Tribune an English language weekly published in Hargeisa by the State owned Dawan media Group